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500 15-Minute Low Sodium Recipes
Author: Dick Logue
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
ISBN: 1610584023
Pages: 512
Year: 2012-07-01
View: 824
Read: 1177
Create great, low-sodium meals in a jiffy while still enjoying all the foods and flavors you love with 500 15-Minute Low-Sodium Recipes! In these pages, you’ll be treated to dishes so delightful you’d never guess they’re low in salt and quick to prepare. Packed with 500 recipes to choose from, you’ll find everything from beef, chicken, and vegetables dishes to international takeout-style recipes, desserts, and more. And with 15 minutes or less prep time on every recipe, staying on track is as easy as pie! You’ll also find a nutritional breakdown on every recipe, making it easier than ever to track your daily sodium intake. Cutting sodium doesn’t mean cutting flavor or variety, or spending hours in the kitchen on complicated recipes. Make staying on course easy—and delicious!—with 500 15-Minute Low-Sodium Recipes.
500 Low Sodium Recipes
Author: Dick Logue
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
ISBN: 1610580850
Pages: 512
Year: 2007-11-01
View: 344
Read: 486
Every recipe you need if you want to cut out salt! Sixty-five million Americans have high blood pressure and 5 million suffer from congestive heart failure. When their doctors advise them to watch their weight and lower their sodium intake, they imagine a lifetime of repeatedly bland and unappetizing meals. Their anxieties about their health are compounded by the notion that eating will no longer be fun and enjoyable. This book will assure them otherwise. Packed with 500 recipes (both classic and daring), 500 No-Salt, Low-Sodium Recipes beats back the boredom and allows people with high blood pressure, heart, kidney, or liver disease to maintain a diverse and exciting low-sodium diet. 500 No-Salt, Low-Sodium Recipes features simple recipes with nutritional breakdowns and useful tips for a low-sodium lifestyle, including what food items to avoid for their hidden sodium content, plus information about convenient and tasty low-sodium substitutes and where to find them. Recipes include: Spicy Potato Skins Lemon Glazed Doughnuts Three-Bean Salad Stuffing Apple Pie Velvet Crumb Cake Barbecue Sauce
500 Heart-Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes
Author: Dick Logue
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
ISBN: 1610597389
Pages: 480
Year: 2010-12-01
View: 754
Read: 994
Everyone loves the comfort-food appeal and convenience of slow cooker fare. However, traditional slow cooker recipes are high in sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fat. This book lets anyone with heart disease, hypertension, or high cholesterol enjoy flavorful, healthy versions of slow cooker favorites. 500 Heart-Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes is filled with quick and easy recipes for hearty stews, savory casseroles, nutritious soups, and delicious desserts. It's healthy eating that you can love and that will love your heart! Recipes include: —Beef Stew with Dumplings —Shrimp Creole —Thai Chicken —Chicken Cacciatore —Italian Vegetable Soup —Strawberry Bread Pudding —And many more 500 Heart-Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes lets you eat heart healthy with variety and ease.
Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods
Author: Bobbie Mostyn
Publisher: Indata Group Incorporated
ISBN: 0967396972
Pages: 312
Year: 2012-10-01
View: 894
Read: 1058
An indispensable reference for those watching their salt intake, the expanded third edition of this nutritional sodium counter is small enough to put in a pocket or purse so wise food choices can be made at the grocery store or while dining out. Intended for the estimated 76 million Americans with high blood pressure, Menieres disease, and severe kidney disease, this guide addresses which supermarket products and fast-food items have the lowest sodium counts and simplifies choices by listing only low-sodium products. Each food is analyzed by calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, and sodium. Also included are brief descriptions of each nutrient and its effect on blood pressure, explanations of food labeling guidelines, and clarification of nutritional content claims.
You Won't Believe It's Salt-Free
Author: Robyn Webb
Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong
ISBN: 0738215562
Pages: 178
Year: 2012
View: 237
Read: 1185
Presents recipes for low-salt flavorful dishes for sufferers of high blood pressure or congestive heart failure.
Low-So Good
Author: Jessica Goldman Foung
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452143471
Pages: 272
Year: 2016-06-14
View: 482
Read: 482
Hundreds of millions of people live with medical conditions that require they lower their sodium intake—heart disease, hypertension, kidney disease, and diabetes, to name a few—and research shows most of us would be healthier if we consumed less salt. What could be a challenge becomes an opportunity in Low-So Good, a beautifully photographed book about living a rich life with a low-sodium diet. With 70 recipes for much-loved food (including fries, cake, and dips) and chapters filled with information about how to entertain, dine out, travel, and create a supportive community, Low-So Good empowers anyone to become an expert at living well with less salt.
Sodium Girl's Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook
Author: Jessica Goldman Foung
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 1118123778
Pages: 256
Year: 2013-01-22
View: 1199
Read: 868
The essential cookbook for anyone who follows a low-sodium diet (and enjoys throwing dinner parties) Millions of people live with hypertension or chronic kidney disease, and for them, eating a diet low in sodium is a vital part of maintaining good health. And, on average, Americans consumer more than double the lower recommended daily intake. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough great low-sodium cookbooks that offer the kind of dishes that home cooks want. But not any more! In Sodium Girl's Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook, Jessica Goldman Foung, the blogger behind SodiumGirl.com, presents an enticing collection of recipes that bring color and excitement to a low-sodium diet. With creative substitutions, Foung shows people how to lose the salt and keep the foods they love. With this vibrant cookbook, eating great and staying healthy are one in the same, proving low-sodium can be a delight and not just a doctor's orders. Includes delicious recipes for low-sodium meals of all kinds, including the traditionally salty foods you love most, like bloody marys and buffalo wings Features gorgeous full-color photographs by popular blogger and photographer Matt Armendariz Features recipe contributions from several world-renowned chefs, including Hubert Keller and Trace Des Jardins Offers helpful information on dining out, traveling, and stocking a low-sodium pantry Whether you've just been diagnosed with a condition that demands a low-sodium diet, or you just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Sodium Girl's Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook is the perfect resource for your low-sodium kitchen!
The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook
Author: Donald A. Gazzaniga
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312291647
Pages: 432
Year: 2002-07-31
View: 164
Read: 556
Offers a collection of healthful recipes for familiar favorites, redesigned to provide the lowest sodium levels possible in food without sacrificing flavor.
Cooking Without a Grain of Salt
Author: Elma W. Bagg, Susan Bagg Todd, Robert Ely Bagg
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553579517
Pages: 357
Year: 1998
View: 210
Read: 175
A revised edition of the first book to feature high-flavor, low-salt recipes features more than 250 savory chicken, fish, and vegetarian recipes, as well as updated nutritional information. Reprint.
The Skinnytaste Cookbook
Author: Gina Homolka
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 0385345631
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-09-30
View: 306
Read: 1301
Get the recipes everyone is talking about in the debut cookbook from the wildly popular blog Skinnytaste Gina Homolka is America’s most trusted home cook when it comes to easy, flavorful recipes that are miraculously low-calorie and made from all-natural, easy-to-find ingredients. Her blog, Skinnytaste is the number one go-to site for slimmed down recipes that you’d swear are anything but. It only takes one look to see why people go crazy for Gina’s food: cheesy, creamy Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken and Broccoli with only 420 calories per serving, breakfast dishes like Make-Ahead Western Omelet "Muffins" that truly fill you up until lunchtime, and sweets such as Double Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies that are low in sugar and butter-free but still totally indulgent. The Skinnytaste Cookbook features 150 amazing recipes: 125 all-new dishes and 25 must-have favorites. As a busy mother of two, Gina started Skinnytaste when she wanted to lose a few pounds herself. She turned to Weight Watchers for help and liked the program but struggled to find enough tempting recipes to help her stay on track. Instead, she started “skinny-fying” her favorite meals so that she could eat happily while losing weight. With 100 stunning photographs and detailed nutritional information for every recipe, The Skinnytaste Cookbook is an incredible resource of fulfilling, joy-inducing meals that every home cook will love.
Complete Idiot's Guide to Low Sodium Meals
Author: Shelly Vaughan James, Heidi McIndoo
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 159257467X
Pages: 362
Year: 2006
View: 691
Read: 1189
For those 65 million Americans who suffer from hypertension, as well as everyone else who has to or wants to curb their sodium intake, preparing meals that are both tasty and nutritionally responsible can prove to be very difficult. Throw in the culinary preferences of other family members, and finding meals everyone will enjoy can be as painful as adding salt to a wound, right . . . ? Not anymore. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Low-Sodium Mealsoffers readers more than 250 delicious recipes the whole family can get excited about. From appetizers to desserts and everything in between, this book focuses on the everyday kinds of recipes families have grown to love and can put together with simple and flavourful salt substitutes. Readers might not see that hard-to-find recipe for carrot soup with leek and blood orange, but they will discover lots of delicious and easy-to-prepare, low-sodium recipes.
The Low Sodium Slow Cooker Cookbook
Author: Shannon Epstein
Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 1939754488
Pages: 196
Year: 2018-05-15
View: 1086
Read: 523
The Low-Sodium Slow Cooker Cookbook puts flavor back into your slow cooker with tasty, heart-healthy recipes. From Cheese Grits to Turkey Chili to Mongolian Beef--you can use the convenience of your slow cooker to spice up your low-sodium diet. The Low-Sodium Slow Cooker Cookbook makes it easy to enjoy time-saving meals that are high on flavor but low in sodium. With 100 recipes that require only 30 minutes or less to prep, The Low-Sodium Slow Cooker Cookbook is your best reference to prep, set, and forget about bland recipes on a low-sodium diet. This low-sodium cookbook will keep your taste-buds and your heart happy with: Less Salt, and More Flavorful Recipes that use salt-free alternatives to keep the taste of your favorite familiar recipes, plus a guide on how to create your own seasonings Fast Prep that requires no additional steps and takes only 30 minutes or less to prepare for your slow cooker Over 100 Low-Sodium Cookbook Recipes accompanied by a sodium scale to help you manage how much sodium you consume on a daily basis Lose salt, not flavor with convenient slow cooker recipes from this low-sodium cookbook.
Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure
Author: Robyn Webb, Jamy D. Ard
Publisher: Readers Digest
ISBN: 0762105089
Pages: 320
Year: 2004
View: 1177
Read: 314
Introduces an approach to nutrition and eating designed to help lower one's cholesterol, featuring a collection of more than three hundred recipes as well as a variety of health tips, cooking suggestions, food substitutions, and nutritional breakdowns.
Skinnytaste Fast and Slow
Author: Gina Homolka, Heather K. Jones
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 0553459600
Pages: 304
Year: 2016
View: 826
Read: 204
Shares over one hundred recipes for dishes that are easy to prep, whether for cooking in the oven, on the stovetop or in a slow cooker, including such options as Korean-style beef tacos, pizza-stuffed chicken roll-ups, and peach-strawberry crumble.
Low Sodium Cookbook - Diet and Meal Plan
Author: Christopher Lower
Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 1623159067
Pages: 220
Year: 2017-07-18
View: 978
Read: 713
Your all-in-one low sodium cookbook and meal plan for fast, effortless meals that your heart (and taste buds) will thank you for. Eat healthier, feel better--it sounds so simple. Yet, for many Americans with high blood pressure or heart disease, learning to eat without added salt may feel like an impossible battle. The Easy Low Sodium Diet Plan & Cookbook is the first and only low sodium cookbook to also include a meal plan, making it easier than ever to start--and stick with--your new low sodium lifestyle. You'll discover that it is possible to eat well with no added salt--and how simple it can be to cook a range of delicious, low sodium favorites right at home. In this complete low sodium cookbook you'll find: More than 95 recipes designed to be the easiest to prepare and cook, from quick-prep stovetop and oven meals to slow cooker dishes that do the cooking for you. Meals that prep in 30 minutes or less, none of which call for any added salt. Two 4-week meal plans show you how to combine meals over the course of a month while ensuring you won't go over1,500 mg of sodium per day. Knowledgeable guidance from Christopher Lower, the voice behind the popular food blog Hacking Salt, who has "been there, done that" with low sodium diets, and knows what actually works. So grab a slow cooker, skillet, or baking dish, and start preparing simple, satisfying, meals with the easiest low sodium cookbook you'll ever use.