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A Short History of the United States
Author: Robert V. Remini
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061981990
Pages: 416
Year: 2009-10-06
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In A Short History of the United States, National Book Award winner Robert V. Remini offers a much-needed, concise history of our country. This accessible and lively volume contains the essential facts about the discovery, settlement, growth, and development of the American nation and its institutions, including the arrival and migration of Native Americans, the founding of a republic under the Constitution, the emergence of the United States as a world power, the outbreak of terrorism here and abroad, the Obama presidency, and everything in between.
The House
Author: Robert V. Remini, Library of Congress
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061341118
Pages: 624
Year: 2007-10-02
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Throughout America's history, the House has played a central role in shaping the nation's destiny. In this incomparable single-volume history, distinguished historian Robert V. Remini traces the institution from a struggling, nascent body to the venerable powerhouse it has become since America's rise on the world stage. The essential drama of democracy—the struggle between principle and pragmatism—is showcased throughout the book, and through it the history of America's successful experiment with democracy unfurls.
The Penguin History of the United States of America
Author: Hugh Brogan
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141937459
Pages: 752
Year: 2001-03-29
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This new edition of Brogan's superb one-volume history - from early British colonisation to the Reagan years - captures an array of dynamic personalities and events. In a broad sweep of America's triumphant progress. Brogan explores the period leading to Independence from both the American and the British points of view, touching on permanent features of 'the American character' - both the good and the bad. He provides a masterly synthesis of all the latest research illustrating America's rapid growth from humble beginnings to global dominance.
American Immigration: A Very Short Introduction
Author: David A. Gerber
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199715815
Pages: 160
Year: 2011-06-01
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Americans have come from every corner of the globe, and they have been brought together by a variety of historical processes--conquest, colonialism, the slave trade, territorial acquisition, and voluntary immigration. A thoughtful look at immigration, anti-immigration sentiments, and the motivations and experiences of the migrants themselves, this book offers a compact but wide-ranging look at one of America's persistent hot-button issues. Historian David Gerber begins by examining the many legal efforts to curb immigration and to define who is and is not an American, ranging from the Naturalization Law of 1795 (which applied only to "free-born white persons") to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the Emergency Quota Act of 1921, and the reform-minded Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which opened the door to millions of newcomers, the vast majority from Asia and Latin America. The book also looks at immigration from the perspective of the migrant--farmers and industrial workers, mechanics and domestics, highly trained professionals and small-business owners--who willingly pulled up stakes for the promise of a better life. Throughout, the book sheds light on the relationships between race and ethnicity in the life of these groups and in the formation of American society, and it stresses the marked continuities across waves of immigration and across different racial and ethnic groups. A fascinating and even-handed historical account, this book puts into perspective the longer history of calls for stronger immigration laws and the on-going debates over the place of immigrants in American society. About the Series: Combining authority with wit, accessibility, and style, Very Short Introductions offer an introduction to some of life's most interesting topics. Written by experts for the newcomer, they demonstrate the finest contemporary thinking about the central problems and issues in hundreds of key topics, from philosophy to Freud, quantum theory to Islam.
A Concise History of the United States of America
Author: Susan-Mary Grant
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139504479
Year: 2012-03-05
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Born out of violence and the aspirations of its early settlers, the United States of America has become one of the world's most powerful nations. The book begins in colonial America as the first Europeans arrived, lured by the promise of financial profit, driven by religious piety and accompanied by diseases which would ravage the native populations. It explores the tensions inherent in a country built on slave labour in the name of liberty, one forced to assert its unity and reassess its ideals in the face of secession and civil war, and one that struggled to establish moral supremacy, military security and economic stability during the financial crises and global conflicts of the twentieth century. Woven through this richly crafted study of America's shifting social and political landscapes are the multiple voices of the nation's history: slaves and slave owners, revolutionaries and reformers, soldiers and statesmen, immigrants and refugees. These voices help define the United States at the dawn of a new century.
The Shortest History of Europe
Author: John Hirst
Publisher: Black Inc.
ISBN: 192187063X
Pages: 192
Year: 2012-05-23
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Celebrated historian John Hirst offers a fascinating exploration of the qualities that made Europe a world-changing civilisation. The Shortest History of Europe begins with a rapid overview of European civilisation, describing its birth from an unlikely mixture of classical learning, Christianity and German warrior culture. Over the centuries, this unstable blend produced highly distinctive characters – pious knights and belligerent popes, romantics spouting folklore and revolutionaries imitating Rome – and its coming apart provided the dynamic of European history in modern times. Accompanied by lively illustrations, The Shortest History of Europe is a clear, humorous and thought-provoking account of a remarkable civilisation. This new edition brings the story into the present, covering the world wars and beyond.
American History in No Time
Author: Randolph G Russell
Publisher: Life AT, Incorporated
ISBN: 0967921422
Pages: 142
Year: 2016-04-15
View: 500
Read: 185
The history of America is an amazing story but all too unfamiliar. American History In No Time is a quick and easy way for anyone to learn the basics - in just a few hours. It is also the perfect refresher and a great way for parents and grandparents to ensure that their families have a solid foundation.
A Little History of the United States
Author: James West Davidson
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 030018252X
Pages: 256
Year: 2015-09-15
View: 408
Read: 312
How did a land and people of such immense diversity come together under a banner of freedom and equality to form one of the most remarkable nations in the world? Everyone from young adults to grandparents will be fascinated by the answers uncovered in James West Davidson’s vividly told A Little History of the United States. In 300 fast-moving pages, Davidson guides his readers through 500 years, from the first contact between the two halves of the world to the rise of America as a superpower in an era of atomic perils and diminishing resources. In short, vivid chapters the book brings to life hundreds of individuals whose stories are part of the larger American story. Pilgrim William Bradford stumbles into an Indian deer trap on his first day in America; Harriet Tubman lets loose a pair of chickens to divert attention from escaping slaves; the toddler Andrew Carnegie, later an ambitious industrial magnate, gobbles his oatmeal with a spoon in each hand. Such stories are riveting in themselves, but they also spark larger questions to ponder about freedom, equality, and unity in the context of a nation that is, and always has been, remarkably divided and diverse.
A Patriot's History of the United States
Author: Larry Schweikart, Michael Allen
ISBN: 1595231153
Pages: 981
Year: 2014
View: 374
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The revised, 10th anniversary edition of the #1 New York Times bestseller Over the past decade, A Patriot's History of the United States has become the definitive conservative history of our country, correcting the biases of historians and other intellectuals who downplay the greatness of America's patriots. Professors Schweikart and Allen have now revised, updated, and expanded their book, which covers America's long history with an appreciation for the values that made this nation uniquely successful.
American History
Author: Paul S. Boyer
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019538914X
Pages: 161
Year: 2012-08-09
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This volume in Oxford's A Very Short Introduction series offers a concise, readable narrative of the vast span of American history, from the earliest human migrations to the early twenty-first century when the United States loomed as a global power and comprised a complex multi-cultural society of more than 300 million people. The narrative is organized around major interpretive themes, with facts and dates introduced as needed to illustrate these themes. The emphasis throughout is on clarity and accessibility to the interested non-specialist.
The University of Illinois at Chicago : a Pictorial History
Author: Fred W. Beuttler, Melvin G. Holli, Robert V. Remini, Robert Vincent Remini
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 0738507067
Pages: 128
Year: 2000
View: 795
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The University of Illinois was founded in 1867 and expanded into Chicago in the 1890s. Through time, demands for the growth of the urban campus were answered. Under the leadership of Mayor Richard J. Daley, the Circle Campus was created and located in 1965 on the Near West Side of Chicago in the historic Hull-House neighborhood. In 1982, Circle Campus joined with the Medical Center to form the University of Illinois at Chicago. With outreach programs coordinated in the Great Cities Initiative, the University recognized its urban location as a major strength. Over the last decade, UIC has helped to develop a new model of higher education: the comprehensive urban research university. This volume contains almost two hundred historic photographs that serve as a rich record of the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois. Today, with 15 colleges located in a prominent urban setting, the campus is the largest and most diverse in the Chicago area, serving students from around the world. The University of Illinois at Chicago has grown to about 25,000 students, with 12,000 faculty and staff, and is one of the hundred largest research universities in the nation. It offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in more than 230 disciplines.
How America Eats
Author: Jennifer Jensen Wallach
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442208740
Pages: 241
Year: 2013
View: 605
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How America Eats: A Social History of U.S. Food and Culture tells the story of America by examining American eating habits, and illustrates the many ways in which competing cultures, conquests and cuisines have helped form America s identity, and have helped define what it means to be American."
Fitz-James O'Brien
Author: Fitz James O'Brien
Publisher: Bit O'Irish Press
ISBN: 0692925279
Pages: 388
Year: 2017-07-20
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A tremendous number of European immigrants came to the United States during the 1840s and 1850s; many came in search of new economic opportunities. Fitz-James O'Brien (1828-1862) came to America (originally from Ireland) in 1852 looking to make his way in the literary world. With impressive recommendations in hand, he had no trouble finding work and immediately started editing and publishing stories in some of the most influential magazines of the day (e.g., Harper's New Monthly Magazine, The American Whig Review, Putnam's Monthly Magazine, and The Knickerbocker, or New-York Monthly Magazine). When the Civil War broke out, in 1861, he joined the Union army and was fatally wounded in 1862. O'Brien is one of the most important American writers in between the first and the second half of the nineteenth-century. He serves as an important literary bridge between Romanticism and Realism. His short stories follow the same natural and supernatural horror, philosophical observations of human nature, and social criticisms as those of the great American triumvirate - Irving, Hawthorne, and Poe. It was Poe that had a particularly strong influence on his writing, but the influence of all three of these writers can be seen in his stories. H.P. Lovecraft said of O'Brien, in his important survey of supernatural literature, Supernatural Horror in Literature, "O'Brien's early death undoubtedly deprived us of some masterful tales of strangeness and terror." This collection will be the most complete one-volume edition of O'Brien's works to date. Included in this edition are all his important stories, the ones that he was most known for during his lifetime (e.g., "What Was It?" "The Diamond Lens," and "The Wondersmith"), as well as others that have never been published since their initial publication in the 1850s. This edition comprises about half his total published short stories during his lifetime. Most O'Brien anthologies contain five to eight of his stories, this edition contains over thirty-five short stories, as well as a sampling of his Gothic poetry. All aspects of O'Brien's Gothic will be represented in this edition, the supernatural, urban, fantasy, and tragedy. Also included in this edition are some of his satires and the semi-autobiographical and humorous story "Carrying Weight." This volume will be of interest for courses on American Studies as well as courses focusing on Romantic and Gothic Literature, Horror, Science Fiction, or the Humanities.
A Documentary History of the United States (Revised and Updated)
Author: Alexander Heffner
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0451490029
Year: 2018-06-05
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Here, in a single volume, are the documents, speeches, and letters that have forged American history, now updated with new content such as Trump's inaugural address. Accompanied by interpretations of their significance by noted historian Richard D. Heffner and journalist Alexander Heffner, this book includes important documents such as: * The complete text of the Declaration of Independence * The complete Constitution of the United States * The Monroe Doctrine * The Emancipation Proclamation * Woodrow Wilson's War Message to Congress * Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms" Speech * John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address * Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" Speech * Ronald Reagan's Inaugural Addresses * Documents relating to September 11, 2001 and the Iraq War This edition has been expanded and updated to include a chapter on the Presidency of Donald Trump.
Financing Armed Conflict, Volume 2
Author: Thomas M. Meagher
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137549939
Pages: 379
Year: 2017-02-08
View: 449
Read: 1151
This second part of a two-volume series examines in detail the financing of America’s major wars from the Spanish-American War to the Vietnam War. It interweaves analyses of political policy, military strategy and operations, and war finance and economic mobilization with examinations of the events of America’s major armed conflicts, offering useful case studies for students of military history and spending policy, policymakers, military comptrollers, and officers in training.