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The Teacher's Grammar of English with Answers
Author: Ron Cowan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521809738
Pages: 709
Year: 2008-05-26
View: 1117
Read: 894
The Teacher's Grammar of English is a comprehensive resource text designed to help ESL/EFL teachers understand and teach American English grammar. The Teacher's Grammar of English is a comprehensive resource text designed to help ESL/EFL teachers and teachers-in-training understand and teach American English grammar. In addition to complete, up-to-date coverage on form, meaning, and usage, each chapter includes practical suggestions for teaching, as well as a unique section that analyzes common errors made by learners from different first-language backgrounds, based on current research in second-language acquisition. Review exercises throughout each chapter make the book an ideal text for a course on English grammar. An answer key is included.
Grammar Survival for Primary Teachers
Author: Jo Shackleton
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351978888
Pages: 94
Year: 2017-05-22
View: 1135
Read: 1170
Are you grappling with grammar? Are you perplexed by punctuation? Do you find it a constant challenge to keep your pupils engaged while teaching grammar effectively? Focusing on what you need to know in the classroom, Grammar Survival for Primary Teachers provides you with all of the knowledge and practical advice you’ll need to teach grammar and punctuation effectively. Based on a successful, tried-and-tested format, this new book is designed especially for primary teachers and focuses on the requirements of the English National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. This book includes: clear explanations and examples of a range of different aspects of grammar and punctuation practical advice and teaching ideas for use in the classroom a strong focus on building knowledge and applying it to writing. Accessible and engaging, this new book will be essential reading for busy trainee, newly qualified and practising teachers alike. It is the perfect guide for those looking to improve both their pupils’ and their own understanding of grammar.
A-Z of Grammar
ISBN: 0008172927
Pages: 48
Year: 2016-02
View: 978
Read: 1101
As pupils are expected to increase their grammatical skills, are you familiar with the new terminology and how to explain new concepts? This handy and practical guide includes simple explanations in alphabetical order to help you get to grips with the new primary curriculum requirements.
A-Z of Maths Vocabulary
Author: Paul Broadbent
ISBN: 0008192669
Pages: 88
Year: 2016-06
View: 518
Read: 1032

Teaching English and Maths in FE
Author: David Allan
Publisher: Learning Matters
ISBN: 1526414619
Pages: 144
Year: 2017-05-22
View: 357
Read: 422
This book explores how teachers in the FE and Skills Sector can address the mathematics and English needs of all learners.
A Creative Approach to Teaching Grammar
Author: Peter Burrows
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472909038
Pages: 64
Year: 2014-09-25
View: 1221
Read: 273
This book offers a whole school approach to the teaching of grammar and punctuation that is fully matched to the demands of the English grammar and punctuation test and the new curriculum. With the shift towards elegant, well-constructed sentences, it offers the busy teacher three simple steps to motivate and engage children, through: • explicit teaching and modelling; • over forty practical games and activities; • application and improvement within editing and proof reading. This book draws on recent research but also is based on many years of classroom practice and a number of case studies. Practical examples develop teachers' understanding of grammatical terms and progression and show how it is possible to have a significant impact on vocabulary, sentence structure and children's writing in general. A balance is found where skills are explicitly taught but within the context of an exciting and interesting curriculum.
Grammar for Teachers
Author: John Seely
Publisher: Oxpecker
ISBN: 0955345103
Pages: 168
Year: 2006-11-01
View: 465
Read: 947
An outline of grammar for teachers and teachers in training, covering all the terminology required for the National Literacy Strategy and National Curriculum up to Key Stage 3.
The Grammar of English Grammars
Author: Goold Brown, Samuel U. Berrian
Pages: 1102
Year: 1851
View: 1320
Read: 1173

Syntactic Structures
Author: Noam Chomsky
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110218321
Pages: 135
Year: 2002-01-01
View: 672
Read: 963

Lessons in Teaching Grammar in Primary Schools
Author: Suzanne Horton, Branwen Bingle
Publisher: Learning Matters
ISBN: 1473904811
Pages: 192
Year: 2014-04-15
View: 848
Read: 898
Lesson planning in line with the new Primary National Curriculum! Outstanding grammar lessons are not about teaching children the mechanics of grammar but fostering a curiosity about language, words and clauses when explored within a meaningful context. This book offers practical ideas and lesson plans to help you plan and teach lessons that motivate, engage and inspire pupils to use grammar accurately and creatively to produce writing that is fluid, cohesive and purposeful. It will also help you to teach grammar confidently and effectively by addressing your own grammar questions and providing essential subject knowledge. The lesson ideas have all been tried and tested in the classroom, and you can adapt the lessons to teach other aspects of grammar or change the focus of the learning objective to reflect the needs of your classroom. Did you know that this book is part of the Lessons in Teaching series? Table of Contents What is Grammar? / Grammar in context / Year 1: Teaching Sentence Demarcation / Year 2: Teaching Conjunctions / Year 3: Teaching Direct Speech / Year 3: Using the Perfect Tense / Year 4: Teaching adverbial phrases / Year 4: Teaching the Difference between the Plural and Possessive -s / Year 5: Teaching Modal Verbs / Year 5: Teaching Expanded Noun Phrases / Year 6: Using the Subjunctive Form in Speech / Year 6: Using the Passive Voice / Moving On / Glossary of Terms WHAT IS THE LESSONS IN TEACHING SERIES? Suitable for any teacher at any stage of their career, the books in this series are packed with great ideas for teaching engaging, outstanding lessons in your primary classroom. The Companion Website accompanying the series includes extra resources including tips, lesson starters, videos and Pinterest boards. Visit ww.sagepub.co.uk/lessonsinteaching Books in this series: Lessons in Teaching Grammar in Primary Schools, Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary Schools, Lessons in Teaching Number and Place Value in Primary Schools, Lessons in Teaching Reading Comprehension in Primary Schools, Lesson in Teaching Phonics in Primary Schools
English Grammar
Author: Angela Downing
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317610970
Pages: 530
Year: 2014-12-17
View: 1089
Read: 353
This best-selling comprehensive descriptive grammar forms a complete course, ideal for all students studying English Language, whether on a course or for self-study. Broadly based on Hallidayan systemic-functional grammar but also drawing on cognitive linguistics and discourse analysis, English Grammar is accessible, avoiding overly theoretical or technical explanations. Divided into 12 self-contained chapters based around language functions, each chapter is divided into units of class-length material. Key features include: Numerous authentic texts from a wide range of sources, both spoken and written, which exemplify the grammatical description. Clear chapter and module summaries enable efficient class preparation and student revision. Extensive exercises with a comprehensive answer key. This new edition has been thoroughly updated with new texts, a more user-friendly layout, more American English examples and a companion website, providing extra tasks, a glossary and a teachers‘ guide. This is the essential coursebook and reference work for all native and non-native students of English grammar on English language and linguistics courses.
The Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher
Author: Gary Toward, Chris Henley, Andy Cope, Amy Bradley
Publisher: Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 1845909496
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-03-27
View: 1110
Read: 546
Teaching is an art; with the right techniques, guidance, skills and practise teachers can masterfully face any situation the classroom could throw at them. With their fresh perspectives, sage advice and a hint of silliness, Andy, Chris and Gary show teachers how to unleash their brilliance. For any teacher who has ever had a class that are angels for colleagues but Lucifer incarnate as soon as they cross the threshold of their classroom? Or who realised too late that their best-laid lesson plans were doomed from the start? Or who had their energy and enthusiasm sapped by a mood-hoovering staffroom Grinch? Not a problem once they've mastered the art of being a brilliant teacher. With plenty of practical advice and top tips, this book will show them how.
Author: Wendy Jolliffe
ISBN: 1407127969
Pages: 128
Year: 2013-09-05
View: 164
Read: 1130
The Primary Teacher's Guide to... series provides detailed subject knowledge for teachers to aid professional development. This title covers all the elements of primary phonics that teachers need to know through exploring systematic synthetic phonics, explaining the different terminology and exploring teaching practices. Topics covered include: Phonics and reading; Phonological awareness; The alphabetic code; Long-vowel phonemes; Application of phonics; Common exception words; A systematic progression for phonics; Assessing phonic skills.
Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling in Primary Schools
Author: David Waugh, Claire Warner, Rosemary Waugh
Publisher: Learning Matters
ISBN: 1473967694
Pages: 240
Year: 2015-12-21
View: 333
Read: 301
Trainee and beginning teachers often find the teaching of grammar, punctuation and spelling especially challenging as they are not confident in their own knowledge. This popular text explores and provides the subject knowledge you will need to teach grammar, punctuation and spelling and gives guidance on how to teach it. The text is really accessible and includes lots of examples and teaching ideas, enabling you to approach teaching with ease. Detailed examples of effective lessons show you how to engage children’s interest in some of the more formal aspects of writing and throughout, activities and practical examples demonstrate how you can translate this learning into the classroom. This second edition has been updated in line with the new National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. A new chapter is included to explore the national SPAG tests in primary schools. The tests are explained and advice on how to approach them is included. The text will enable you to teach grammar, punctuation and spelling effectively supporting your class in all their writing, across the primary curriculum.
Understanding Mathematics in the Lower Primary Years
Author: Derek Haylock, Anne D Cockburn
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0761941045
Pages: 238
Year: 2003
View: 869
Read: 347
New Edition of Best Seller! This is a fully revised and updated edition of the authors' successful and much-used book and was written for those who wish to have a clearer understanding of the mathematical ideas behind the material they use in the classroom.