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Am Samstag kam das Sams zurück
Author: Paul Maar
Publisher: Verlag Friedrich Oetinger
ISBN: 3960520441
Pages: 176
Year: 2018-02-15
View: 179
Read: 899
Herr Taschenbier tut alles, damit das Sams zu ihm zurückkommt. Er trifft am Montag Herrn Mon, am Dienstag geht er brav zum Dienst. Am Mittwoch ist zum Glück von ganz alleine Mitte der Woche, und am Donnerstag sorgt Herr Taschenbier höchstpersönlich mit Blech und Nudelholz für Donner. Und tatsächlich: Am Samstag kommt das Sams zurück! Und mit ihm viele neue Wunschpunkte. Papa Taschenbier legt sofort mit dem Wünschen los, doch obwohl das Sams ihm schon oft genug erklärt hat, wie man richtig wünscht, geht auch diesmal wieder einiges schief. Paul Maars zeitlose Geschichten vom frechen Sams werden einfach nie langweilig. Erst recht nicht mit den neuen Illustrationen von Nina Dulleck.
Alles vom Sams: Am Samstag kam das Sams zurück
Author: Paul Maar
ISBN: 3789142425
Year: 2003
View: 324
Read: 1131
The Sams, a clever and unusual creature, helps Herr Taschenbier and young Martin Taschenbier gain self-confidence and grants their wishes. In the final volume Martin and his friends Tina and Roland must save the Sams from danger.
Am Samstag kam das Sams zurück
Author: Michael Orth
Year: 1982
View: 1307
Read: 1106

The Boy and the Whale
Author: Katherine Scholes
Publisher: Puffin HC
ISBN: 0140323503
Pages: 45
Year: 1987
View: 1175
Read: 877
Summary: The story of a beached whale and the efforts of a boy and a man to save it.
The Find-Outers: The Mystery of the Missing Man
Author: Enid Blyton
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1444926977
Pages: 276
Year: 2016-10-06
View: 1288
Read: 1031
The Find-Outers is a clever mystery series from bestselling author Enid Blyton, and perfect for fans of The Secret Seven. The Trottevilles have a house guest named Eunice, and Fatty will do anything to avoid her. While hiding from Eunice his disguise leads a mystery right to him: there's an escaped prisoner in Peterswood who is also a master of disguise. Now Fatty, Larry, Daisy, Pip and Bets have to find the man and avoid Eunice at the same time... First published in 1956, this edition contains the orginal text and is unillustrated.
The Little Vampire Moves In
Author: Angela Sommer-Bodenburg
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480460168
Pages: 144
Year: 2013-12-31
View: 1074
Read: 783
Tony’s friend Rudolph, the little vampire, has been banished from his family’s vault because of his friendships with humans. Now, Tony has to deal with Rudolph’s decision to move in . . . to Tony’s parents’ cellar! Will Tony’s mother and father discover their secret houseguest?
The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang
Author: Hans Jürgen Press
ISBN: 0416581609
Pages: 128
Year: 1976
View: 774
Read: 850
Frank, Angela, Ralph and Keith, known together as the Black Hand Gang, prove their skill as detectives during four exciting episodes in which they uncover a forger, capture a burglar and enlist the aid of the local police when things get a bit sticky. Every story has illustrations which provide the clues discovered by the Gang. All the necessary clues are shown so you can be a detective with them. But you have to be sharp to keep up with the Black Hand Gang! As the Gang tracks down the criminals, you can keep a score of clues you get right and add them up at the end of the book.
Gloria the Cow
Author: Paul Maar, Tina Schulte, Alexis L. Spry
Publisher: North South Books
ISBN: 0735820961
Pages: 32
Year: 2006
View: 452
Read: 541
Determined to become the bovine diva she is meant to be, clutzy cow Gloria, who has absolutely no vocal talent, must find her own special way to shine!
The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales
Author: Jack Zipes
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199689822
Pages: 704
Year: 2015-08-05
View: 1172
Read: 1085
In over 1,000 entries, this acclaimed Companion covers all aspects of the Western fairy tale tradition, from medieval to modern, under the guidance of Professor Jack Zipes. It provides an authoritative reference source for this complex and captivating genre, exploring the tales themselves, the writers who wrote and reworked them, and the artists who illustrated them. It also covers numerous related topics such as the fairy tale and film, television, art, opera, ballet, the oral tradition, music, advertising, cartoons, fantasy literature, feminism, and stamps. First published in 2000, 130 new entries have been added to account for recent developments in the field, including J. K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins, and new articles on topics such as cognitive criticism and fairy tales, digital fairy tales, fairy tale blogs and websites, and pornography and fairy tales. The remaining entries have been revised and updated in consultation with expert contributors. This second edition contains beautifully designed feature articles highlighting countries with a strong fairy tale tradition, covering: Britain and Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, North America and Canada, Portugal, Scandinavian countries, Slavic and Baltic countries, and Spain. It also includes an informative and engaging introduction by the editor, which sets the subject in its historical and literary context. A detailed and updated bibliography provides information about background literature and further reading material. In addition, the A to Z entries are accompanied by over 60 beautiful and carefully selected black and white illustrations. Already renowned in its field, the second edition of this unique work is an essential companion for anyone interested in fairy tales in literature, film, and art; and for anyone who values the tradition of storytelling.
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
ISBN: 0385674678
Pages: 640
Year: 2010-12-22
View: 151
Read: 1168
Claire Randall is leading a double life. She has a husband in one century, and a lover in another... In 1945, Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon—when she innocently touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach—an "outlander"—in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of our Lord...1743. Hurled back in time by forces she cannot understand, Claire's destiny in soon inextricably intertwined with Clan MacKenzie and the forbidden Castle Leoch. She is catapulted without warning into the intrigues of lairds and spies that may threaten her life ...and shatter her heart. For here, James Fraser, a gallant young Scots warrior, shows her a passion so fierce and a love so absolute that Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire...and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Child of the Jungle
Author: Sabine Kuegler
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0759572720
Pages: 272
Year: 2007-03-02
View: 397
Read: 383
A #1 bestseller in Europe, CHILD OF THE JUNGLE tells the remarkable story of a childhood and adolescence spent caught between two modes of existence-jungle life and Western "civilization." Sabine Kuegler was five years old when her family-her German linguist-missionary parents and her siblings-moved to the territory of the recently discovered hunter-and-gatherer Fayu tribe of Papua New Guinea. The Fayu tribe is best known for being a Stone Age community untouched by modern times-they live an existence characterized by fear, violence, and atavistic ritual (including cannibalism in some regions)-but Sabine's family saw another side to them as well. Once the Kueglers were accepted by a clan chief, they found themselves becoming a part of a tightly knit and fiercely loyal community, and living the primal existence of the Fayu-one marked by the natural cycles of day and night, malaria and other diseases, and daily encounters with wildlife, from swims with crocodiles to dinners of worms. As the Kueglers changed, so did the Fayu people, learning from Sabine's family that there was a way out of their cycle of violence and that forgiveness can be sweeter than revenge. At the age of 17, Sabine found her life turned upside down when she left for Switzerland to attend boarding school and entered traditional society head-on. CHILD OF THE JUNGLE is the story of a life lived among the Fayu and the author's attempt to reconcile her feelings about "civilization" with those about a life she knew and loved.
Lesen ist cool!
Author: Arne Ulbricht
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3647701785
Pages: 160
Year: 2016-01-18
View: 398
Read: 1179
Lesen bildet. Das weiß jeder. Aber wie fördere ich das Lesen bei Kindern? Indem ich ihnen vorlese. Arne Ulbricht gibt in seinem Buch Anregungen, was und wie Eltern am besten vorlesen. Insbesondere die Vater-Kind-Beziehung profitiert beim Lesen und Vorlesen. Arne Ulbricht gibt viele konkrete Buchempfehlungen und schildert sehr persönlich, mit welchen Tricks und Techniken man Kindern das Lesen schmackhaft macht. Nicht zuletzt zeigt er aber , welch große Befriedigung Erwachsene aus dem Vorlesen und dem Lesen mit Kindern ziehen können. Unterstützung erhält der Autor durch Meinungen von Experten: Namhafte Kinderbuchautoren wie Martin Baltscheit oder Andreas Steinhöfel und erfahrene BuchhändlerInnen beantworteten seine Fragebogenaktion und unterstützen seine Thesen.
Onkel Alwin und das Sams
Author: Paul Maar
Publisher: Verlag Friedrich Oetinger GmbH
ISBN: 3862745791
Pages: 208
Year: 2012-05-01
View: 1024
Read: 264
Martin Taschenbier ist überglücklich, dass das Sams endlich wieder zurück ist. Vielleicht kann es ja sogar helfen, Onkel Alwin aus Australien wieder loszuwerden, der sich bei Familie Taschenbier einquartiert hat und allen auf die Nerven geht. Es könnte ihn ja einfach fortwünschen! Doch leider sind die Wunschpunkte noch immer im Gesicht des fiesen Sportlehrers Daume und der ist wie vom Erdboden verschluckt. Und das ist nicht das einzige Problem, mit dem Martin und seine Freunde sich herumschlagen müssen - auch Onkel Alwin ist noch für manche Überraschung gut!
Kräm – Marp
Author: Wilhelm Kühlmann
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110220490
Pages: 714
Year: 2010-09-29
View: 405
Read: 358

The Millennium Trilogy
Author: Stieg Larsson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0857056484
Pages: 1888
Year: 2016-03-23
View: 655
Read: 1284
Discover the books that changed the way the world reads crime. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Forty years ago, Harriet Vanger disappeared from a family gathering on the island owned by the powerful Vanger clan. Her uncle employs disgraced journalist Mikael Blomkvist and tattooed hacker Lisbeth Salander to investigate. When the pair link Harriet's disappearance to a number of grotesque murders, they begin to unravel a dark family history... The Girl Who Played With Fire: Lisbeth Salander is now a wanted woman, on the run from the police. Mikael Blomkvist, editor-in-chief of Millennium magazine, is trying to prove her innocence. Yet Salander is more avenging angel than helpless victim. She may be an expert at staying out of sight - but she has ways of tracking down her most elusive enemies. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest: Salander is plotting her final revenge - against the man who tried to kill her, and against the government institutions that very nearly destroyed her life. With the help of journalist Mikael Blomkvist and his researchers at Millennium magazine, Salander is ready to fight to the end.