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Black Hills Blessing
Author: Mary Connealy
Publisher: Barbour Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 1602608008
Pages: 368
Year: 2010-03-01
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Your heart will soar with faith-filled romance in this compelling, contemporary collection, where three amazingly independent women encounter three equally strong-willed men.
The Blessing of Adversity
Author: Barry C. Black
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1414348452
Pages: 242
Year: 2011
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Most people see trouble as something negative and seek to avoid it whenever possible. But what if it’s those troubles that actually lead to greater blessing and purpose? In The Blessing of Adversity, a retired U.S. Navy admiral and the 62nd chaplain of the U.S. Senate distills the wisdom gained from thirty years as a counselor, theologian, and psychologist. Barry Black offers a blueprint for removing the sting of life’s trials, showing us how to let God use our pain for his glory by blessing others—and how that can actually help heal our own pain. Drawing on Scripture and his own experiences as a counselor and chaplain to some of the most powerful people in the world, Black teaches us how to deal with seasons of God’s apparent silence, offers techniques for staying encouraged in the middle of life’s storms, and shows how to find advantages in adversity.
Thank You, God, For Blessing Me
Author: Max Lucado
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1400318548
Pages: 10
Year: 2011-10-03
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Meet Little Hermie—the cutest baby caterpillar in the garden! Little Hermie’s thankful heart shows toddlers how to be thankful for God’s blessings. Little Hermie is thankful for everything God has given him. He goes through his day thanking God for his many blessings in this adorable board book with flocking on the cover! With over 5.5 million brands units sold, the new Little Hermie books open the wonderful world of the Hermie & Friends garden to an entirely new audience.
The Black Hills Souvenir
Pages: 223
Year: 1902
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From the Hood to the Hill
Author: Barry Black
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1418577286
Pages: 240
Year: 2006-08-20
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From the Hood to the Hill is Chaplain Black's story of overcoming unpromising beginnings in the ghettos of Baltimore. His travels through uncharted waters exemplify God's power for change. Read his story and discover how you, too, can move toward unprecedented satisfaction through a living faith in God. "With Barry Black, you don't just hear a sermon, you see the sermon. That sermon is captured vividly in this story of his life. A life shaped by love, humility, confidence, courage, strength, and hope." - from the Foreword, THOMAS R. CARPER, US Senator "Barry Black is a leader among leaders. Brilliant and articulate, yet humble and approachable, he is a force for integrity, goodness, and compassion on Capitol Hill . . . this narrative, From the Hood to the Hill, is a fascinating read." - DR. RICK WARREN, Best-Selling Author, The Purpose Driven Life, and Pastor, Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA "Chaplain Barry Black embodies the best of the American Spirit and the Christian tradition-a man of great erudition who has never forgotten his humble roots; a man of great faith who remains open to all the wisdom of all people; a man of great seriousness who knows how to laugh. The Senate and the country are grateful for his service." - BARRACK OBAMA, US Senator "From a wonderfully unique man comes a powerfully unique story. Barry Black is a testimony to God's faithfulness and grace." - MAX LUCADO, Pastor, Oak Hills Church, San Antonio, TX "This is an inspiring autobiography by an outstanding man of God, a great leader, a powerful preacher, and a true patriot . . . Barry Black is my cherished friend. I'm honored that he succeeded me as Chaplain of the United States Senate. From the Hood to the Hill is a stirring and power-packed book of the way God uses whom He chooses." - DR. LLOYD J. OGILVIE, Former US Senate Chaplain
The Theater of Lee Blessing
Author: Philip Zwerling
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476624372
Pages: 276
Year: 2016-06-03
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Nominated for Pulitzer, Tony and Obie awards, among others, Lee Blessing has shaped American theater over the last 40 years. Tackling subjects like child abuse, racism, sexism and war, as well as baseball, love and religion, Blessing has dedicated himself to investigating and dramatizing both the triumphs and evils of contemporary society. This book examines for the first time all 44 of his plays, and includes one of his unpublished scripts, providing a definitive text on a playwright whose thought-provoking work has been performed around the world.
The Power of a Parent's Blessing
Author: Craig Hill
Publisher: Charisma Media
ISBN: 1621362221
Pages: 235
Year: 2013
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You were created to be God’s agent of blessing to your children Blessing is a custom established by God and is meant to function in every family. In fact, there are seven critical times in each of our lives when God wants to give us a powerful message of identity and destiny. In The Power of a Parent’s Blessing Craig Hill explains each of these times, answering key questions such as: · What is the key identity question to be answered in your child’s heart? · When is the appropriate time to bless? · What are potential consequences of not blessing? · What is the role of each parent in blessing at this specific time? · What are practical tools to use in blessing? It is never to late to start your children on the road to fulfilling their destinies. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or step-parent, these powerful blessings will help the children in your life to prosper.
Blessings and Miracles
Author: Shashicka Tyre-Hill
ISBN: 0989368203
Pages: 252
Year: 2013-06
View: 211
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BLESSINGS & MIRACLES is a moving memoir that will have readers cheering for a young Shashicka as if they knew her. And upon finishing the story, readers will come to realize they do know her. She is the young girl standing at the bus stop, the young boy getting into mischief on the street corner, the kids loitering in the park or cutting class at school. Shashicka represents the battle and triumph of so many children of color who find themselves being raised in single parent homes, forced to grow up too fast, too soon. "When I was fifteen, and I had my baby and my mother told me to leave her house I believe God had abandoned me. As I was walking in the streets, I was thinking that no one cared about me; I didn't really have anywhere to go. I cried out to God asking Him why? Why would he do this to me? Why did it have to happen to me? I felt totally alone and I thought that God had forgotten about me -- but just for a moment. I had a couple more moments of, "Why me, God " like when I almost lost my daughter. I really questioned God a lot then, especially while I was locked up. I didn't understand why when I was doing everything right, when I was working so hard, why I had to go through all of this. But though I questioned God, He was always there." Fortunately for her, the opposition allowed her to find passion early in life. A light touch from a caring person can leave a lasting impression and after caring for her ailing grandmother, Shashicka turned her compassion for the sick and shut-in into a career that has not only given her a wonderful life, but has helped others to thrive. Shashicka's accounts of her early years force readers to think about the obstacles before them and re-adjust before throwing in the towel. Through her life readers will come to see that the problems we face are often the mental and emotional workout needed to strengthen us for the journey to destiny. Readers will find inspiration as they witness a young girl's enduring will to succeed, the daunting pursuit to find lasting love and the quest for entrepreneurship. "When I look back over my life today, I see that there were plenty of times I had to stretch my faith, but the major time for me was when I just couldn't get my license. Having to do that three times was a lot. And the lady who was responsible for giving me the license spoke such negativity into my life. I remember crying so hard, that I couldn't even speak. Then, I talked to my mom and she helped me to stretch my faith. That was when I went back for the third time. And, I did it " At the age of 21, Shashicka was a married mother of two who had become the youngest person in the country to obtain a home health care license. She started her first business Miracle Health Care in Brunswick, GA. Today she has seven locations in the state of Georgia. BLESSINGS & MIRACLES offers a uniquely personal, deeply intimate look into the complicated past of a teen mom and her will to succeed. Each chapter of this memoir carries the reader from tragedy to triumph, as this young girl grows into a woman-a successful business woman, despite numerous setbacks.
Buffalo Gal
Author: Mary Connealy
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
ISBN: 162029916X
Pages: 176
Year: 2012-09-01
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Will Buffy and Wyatt ever see eye-to-eye? Buffy Lange has spent her life learning about and caring for buffalo. She’s landed the job of her dreams, managing a huge buffalo ranch in South Dakota. With stars in her eyes, she imagines all of the Midwest given over to free-ranging buffalo. To her, buffalo embody beauty, majesty, and strength. To Wyatt Shaw, however, the buffalo are a constant threat— wild, untamable, and dangerous. Wyatt’s ranch adjoins the Buffalo Commons and he watches in trepidation as its owner expands and rides roughshod over the local ranchers. When disaster strikes, Wyatt’s worst fears are realized and Buffy can do nothing but clean up the mess. With one determined to rid the area of buffalo and the other determined to see them flourish, the dust seldom settles around these two. Will they ever be able to find a common ground?
Blessed Among Nations
Author: Eric Rauchway
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0809030470
Pages: 256
Year: 2007-06-26
View: 1171
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A cautionary history of globalization by the author of Murdering McKinley identifies what the author believes to be the negative influence of globalization on America, citing the period between the Civil War and the Great Depression as a reminder of the consequences of similar capital and labor circumstances. Reprint.
Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing—Illustrated
Author: Ellen G. White
Publisher: Digital Inspiration
Pages: 159
Year: 1928
View: 266
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Heritage Edition: Some 42 illustrations from a century ago. Unabridged, original text. The Sermon on the Mount is Heaven’s benediction to the world—a voice from the throne of God. It was given to mankind to be to them the law of duty and the light of heaven, their hope and consolation in despondency, their joy and comfort in all the vicissitudes and walks of life. Here the Prince of preachers, the Master Teacher, utters the words that the Father gave Him to speak. This volume also includes inspirational thoughts regarding Christ's teachings regarding the Spirituality of the Law, the True Motive in Service, Not Judging but Doing, and the Lord's Prayer. Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing contains Christ’s greeting, not only to those who believe, but to the whole human family. Throughout all time the words that Christ spoke while on earth will retain their power. Every sentence is a jewel from the treasure house of truth. The principles enunciated in His teaching are for all ages and for all classes of men. With divine energy, Christ expressed His faith and hope as He pointed out class after class as blessed because of having formed righteous characters. Living the life of the Life-giver, through faith in Him, everyone can reach the standard held up in His words. The reader of this volume will receive much encouragement in their walk with God and with their fellow man.
My Times in Black and White
Author: Gerald M. Boyd
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 155652952X
Pages: 402
Year: 2010
View: 312
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Documents the life and career of the first black managing editor of the "New York Times" who was forced to resign during the Jayson Blair scandal, describing his rise from urban poverty and his struggles in a white-dominated media.
Catalog of Copyright Entries
Year: 1945
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Black Hills
Author: Dan Simmons
Publisher: Reagan Arthur Books
ISBN: 031607196X
Pages: 528
Year: 2010-04-01
View: 446
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When Paha Sapa, a young Sioux warrior, "counts coup" on General George Armstrong Custer as Custer lies dying on the battlefield at the Little Bighorn, the legendary general's ghost enters him - and his voice will speak to him for the rest of his event-filled life. Seamlessly weaving together the stories of Paha Sapa, Custer, and the American West, Dan Simmons depicts a tumultuous time in the history of both Native and white Americans. Haunted by Custer's ghost, and also by his ability to see into the memories and futures of legendary men like Sioux war-chief Crazy Horse, Paha Sapa's long life is driven by a dramatic vision he experienced as a boy in his people's sacred Black Hills. In August of 1936, a dynamite worker on the massive Mount Rushmore project, Paha Sapa plans to silence his ghost forever and reclaim his people's legacy-on the very day FDR comes to Mount Rushmore to dedicate the Jefferson face.
Black Hills Gold Rush Towns: Volume II
Author: Jan Cerney and Roberta Sago
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1467113972
Pages: 128
Year: 2015-05-11
View: 676
Read: 1208
Rising out of the prairie, the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming had long been rumored to have promising quantities of gold. Sacred to the Lakota, the Black Hills was part of the land reserved for them in the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. However, the tide of prospectors seeking their fortune in the Black Hills was difficult to stem. Members of the 1874 Custer expedition, lead by Gen. George Armstrong Custer, found gold. In 1875, scientists Henry Newton and Walter Jenney conducted an expedition and confirmed the rumors. By 1876, the trickle of prospectors and settlers coming to the Black Hills was a flood. The US government realized that keeping the interlopers out was impossible, and in 1877 the Black Hills was officially opened to settlement. In this sequel to their Black Hills Gold Rush Towns book, the authors expand their coverage of Black Hills towns during the gold-rush era.