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A History of the University of Manchester, 1973-90
Author: Brian Pullan, Michele Abendstern
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 184779551X
Pages: 352
Year: 2013-07-19
View: 393
Read: 998
Frank and entertaining account of the University of Manchester's struggle to meet the Government's demands for the rapid expansion of higher education in the 1950s and the 1960s. Looks at the University's ambitious building program: the controversial attempts to reform its constitution and improve its communications amid demands for greater democracy in the workplace, the struggle to retain its old pre-eminence in a competitive world where new 'green field' universities were rivalling older civic institutions. Tells the story, not just from the point of view of administrators and academics, but also from those of students and support staff (such as secretaries, technicians and engineers). Uses, not only official records, but also student newspapers, political pamphlets, and reminisences collected through interviews conducted by an experienced oral historian. The only book on the University of Manchester as a whole.
Companion to Japanese Britain and Ireland
Author: Bowen Pearse, Chris McCooey
Publisher: In Print Publishing (UK)
Pages: 254
Year: 1991
View: 353
Read: 881

All Men Are Cremated Equal
Author: Elizabeth Fournier
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595533000
Pages: 212
Year: 2008-11
View: 882
Read: 525
Armed with a 10-point list of dating criteria, skin-tight jeans, and flash cards on Nascar, football, and micro-breweries, she enlists everyone in sight to set her up on blind dates in a passionate quest to meet just one really great guy. Names are changed to protect the rejected as she humorously dishes dot-com hunks, rappers manques, and tattooed graduates of the Gene Simmons School of Dating. Bridget Jones would be proud of her American cousin. Elizabeth chronicles her true-life dating spree set off by the broken engagement as a marriage-minded mortician in her mid-30's.
Unreliable Memoirs
Author: Clive James
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 039307286X
Pages: 224
Year: 2009-05-18
View: 333
Read: 826
A best-selling classic around the world, Clive James’s hilarious memoir has long been unavailable in the United States. Before James Frey famously fabricated his memoir, Clive James wrote a refreshingly candid book that made no claims to be accurate, precise, or entirely truthful, only to entertain. In an exercise of literary exorcism, James set out to put his childhood in Australia behind him by rendering it as part novel, part memoir. Now, nearly thirty years after it first came out in England, Unreliable Memoirs is again available to American readers and sure to attract a whole new generation that has, through his essays and poetry, come to love James’s inimitable voice.
Touching Distance
Author: Beverley Turner, James Cracknell
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448149118
Pages: 336
Year: 2012-10-25
View: 1244
Read: 980
Double Olympic gold-medal winner, James Cracknell. His story before and after his life-changing accident. In October 2011 James Cracknell, two-time Olympic gold-medal rower and one of the greatest endurance athletes the world has ever known, suffered a seizure at home as his young son looked on in horror. A man who had known no limits, a man who had practically achieved the impossible, was now struggling to master life's simple challenges. A year earlier, as James undertook yet another endurance challenge in Arizona, he was knocked off his bike by the wing mirror of a petrol tanker. It had smashed into the back of his head at high speed, causing severe frontal lobe damage. The doctors weren’t sure if he would recover and, if he did, whether he would ever be the same again. Touching Distance is an extraordinary, honest and powerful account as James and his wife Bev confront for the first time the lasting effects that the accident has had on their lives. It is the story of a marriage, of a family and of one man's fight back to be the best husband and father he can be.
Our Abe Lincoln
Author: Jim Aylesworth
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0439925487
Pages: 32
Year: 2009-01-01
View: 546
Read: 240
Rhythmic verse tells the story of Abraham Lincoln's life, from his childhood in the wilderness of Illinois to his famous achievements as the sixteenth President of the United States.
Australian Dictionary of Biography
Author: Douglas Pike, Geoffrey Serle, Bede Nairn
Publisher: Melbourne University
ISBN: 0522843271
Pages: 680
Year: 1986-01-01
View: 304
Read: 1144
Since 1962 the Australian Dictionary of Biography has been prepared by its staff in the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University. It provides concise, informative and fascinating descriptions of prominent men and women of this country who contributed their vision and energies to a growing nation. Each entry is prepared by a leading scholar. The subjects come from all walks of lifeandmdash;from premiers, generals and bishops, through artists, actors and authors, farmers, engineers and schoolteachers, to prostitutes, thieves and murderersandmdash;providing a cross-section of Australian society. This magnificent cumulative work continues to be a valuable and popular reference tool for all libraries, large and small.
Leading for Growth
Author: Raymond P. Davis, Alan Shrader
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118047230
Pages: 240
Year: 2011-01-06
View: 1120
Read: 352
How any business leader can create an atmosphere of competitiveness for exceptional growth When Ray Davis took over the local 40-person South Umpqua Bank in 1994, many people in the industry poked fun at his insistence that employees answer the phone with a cheery "World's Greatest Bank." Eleven years, $7 billion in assets, and 128 branches (or " bank stores" in Umpqua lingo) later, the moniker seems quite apt. Other banks scratched their heads when Davis sent his tellers to Ritz-Carlton to learn customer service and were intrigued when he hired a cutting-edge design firm to completely re-think retail layout. Now, with a top design award under their belt, a name change (there never was a North Umpqua bank), and a completely new definition of the banking business, Umpqua has become the darling of the entrepreneurial press and a growth powerhouse. The New York Times calls Umpqua "Starbucks with tellers." Ray Davis (Portland, OR), named by U.S. Banker as one of the 25 most influential people in the financial industry in 2005, is President and CEO of Umpqua Holdings Corporation. Alan Shrader (Moraga, CA) is an experienced writer and editor of business books.
Totally Unique Thoughts
Author: Mike Dooley
Publisher: TUTs Adventurers Club
ISBN: 0964216817
Pages: 131
Year: 1998-06-01
View: 995
Read: 1127
120 Thoughts about life, dreams and happiness.
Red Leaves
Author: Thomas H. Cook
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0156032341
Pages: 289
Year: 2006
View: 565
Read: 704
When his teenage son, Keith, is accused in the disappearance of an eight-year-old girl, Eric Moore struggles to shelter Keith from the subsequent police investigation and local suspicion while seeking legal counsel and wondering in the face of mounting evidence about his son's possible guilt. By the author of Peril. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.
Pastoral Care
Author: Gregory
ISBN: 1304665798
Pages: 160
Year: 2013-11
View: 1114
Read: 994
Gregory's orginal work on responsibilities of bishops, in Latin.
Norfolk 1
Author: Nikolaus Pevsner, Bill Wilson
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300096070
Pages: 796
Year: 1997-01-01
View: 964
Read: 1122
This is a comprehensive gazetteer of buildings and monuments of the region, prefaced by an introduction to the architecture of Norfolk.
One-Hour Workouts
Author: Scott Molina, Mark Newton, Amy White, Michael Jacques
Publisher: Velopress
ISBN: 1934030589
Pages: 139
Year: 2010
View: 359
Read: 358
With uncompromising quality and a no-nonsense approach to training, these 50 one-hour workouts fit even the most hectic schedule to keep season goals on track.
MYnd MAp
Author: Gaye Gambell-Peterson
ISBN: 0615290493
Pages: 28
Year: 2009
View: 870
Read: 567
MYnd mAp, by gaye gambell-peterson, is a contemporary ars poetica, pulling together the laces of poetry, visual arts, the betrayals of failing health, the fulfillments of love and creativity.
Baby Lions
Author: K. C. Kelley
Publisher: Spot (Library)
ISBN: 168151320X
Pages: 16
Year: 2018
View: 827
Read: 1045
This search-and-find book invites emergent readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about baby orangutans, including information about their life in the trees.