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Corazones indomables - Vol. 5
Author: Emma M. Green
Publisher: Addictive Publishing
Year: 2017-05-23
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Es un hombre tenebroso, pero no importa: ¡el que ríe al último, ríe mejor! *** – ¿Disculpa? - me pregunta un tipo en la acera. Su voz profunda me hace sobresaltar. – Si quieres el lugar, no te vayas, estoy esperando a alguien... - me justifico maquinalmente sin mirarlo. – Sí, a mí. – ¿Perdón? Esta vez es su mirada obscura lo que me hace estremecer cuando por fin la veo. Sus ojos negros, su intensidad y el hecho de que estos pertenezcan al rostro más hermoso que jamás haya visto. Más viril y más animal no es posible. – Es a mí a quien esperas - repite sin sonreír. – ¡Oh, el chico del auto compartido! Sí, por supuesto. Casi te olvido. Bueno, no me iba a ir sin ti. Lo siento, hablo demasiado. Y pienso después. Normalmente hablo sola, así solo me molesto a mí misma. Pero la gente cree que estoy loca. Ese no es tu caso, ¿o sí? ¡Ja ja! En fin, hola... Termino por abrir la portezuela para salir del auto y dejar de hacer el ridículo. Le ofrezco la mano intentando presentarme. – Me llamo Solveig Stone, mi segundo nombre es «Siempresola», tengo 25 y... no sé por qué te estoy diciendo todo esto... – Porque hablas mucho sin pensar. Lo acabas de decir. Su rostro no tiene ninguna expresión. No hay ninguna emoción al fondo de su mirada color ébano, de no ser por un extraño brillo que me desestabiliza. Lo único que parece decir algo es su ceño fruncido. ¿Pero qué? *** Después de haber enviudado con tan solo 25 años, Solveig decide dejar lo poco que le queda para recorrer los Estados Unidos de este a oeste al volante de su montón de fierro viejo. El objetivo del viaje: el juicio del chofer ebrio que le arrancó al hombre de su vida. Pero antes de eso, la rubia explosiva debe compartir gran parte del camino con Dante, un espécimen que es tan sombrío y atormentado como ella es atrevida y radiante. El único problema es que al apuesto tatuado y misterioso no le gusta que le digan qué hacer. A solas durante cinco mil kilómetros, ¿cómo podrán estas dos almas tan opuestas y estos corazones insumisos compartir el camino? ¿Y hasta dónde los llevará este road trip? *** Corazones indomables , de Emma M. Green, volumen 5 de 6
The Fault in Our Stars
Author: John Green
Publisher: Mizan Qanita
ISBN: 6024021135
Pages: 424
Year: 2018-08-24
View: 1115
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Meski keajaiban medis mampu mengecilkan tumornya dan membuatnya Hazel bertahan hidup beberapa tahun lagi, Hazel Grace tetap putus asa. Hazel merasa tak ada gunanya lagi dia hidup di dunia. Namun ketika kelindan nasib mempertemukannya dengan Augustus Waters di Grup Pendukung Anak-anak Penderita Kanker, hidup Hazel berubah 180 derajat. Mencerahkan, berani dan menggugah, The Fault in Our Stars dengan brilian mengeksplorasi kelucuan, ketegangan, juga tragisnya hidup dan cinta.
Leaping Hearts
Author: J.R. Ward
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101586907
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-07-03
View: 653
Read: 1019
A.J. Sutherland knows her own mind. She also knows a champion when she sees him… Everyone thinks A.J. Sutherland is crazy to buy a rogue stallion that no rider or trainer has been able to tame. But if anybody has the hustle to make something out of that hell-raiser, it’s her. She can’t do it alone, however, and goes after the great Devlin McCloud, an equestrian legend with a bad leg- and a worse attitude. Devlin recognizes a fighter when he sees one- and that horse isn’t a wallflower, either. Before he knows it, he’s got a wild stallion in his empty stable and a hot-headed, heavenly-bodied rider sleeping on his couch. But can he get all three of them through the championship in one piece? This passion he’s found with his rider is compromising training- and at this level of competition, any distraction is not just unprofessional, but downright deadly...
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Author: Jules Verne
Pages: 386
Year: 1917
View: 1264
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An adaptation of the nineteenth-century science fiction tale of an electric submarine, its eccentric captain, and the undersea world, which anticipated many of the scientific achievements of the twentieth century.
Love in the Time of Cholera
Author: Gabriel García Márquez
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 1101911115
Pages: 368
Year: 2014-10-15
View: 435
Read: 1100
AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN eBOOK! In their youth, Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza fall passionately in love. When Fermina eventually chooses to marry a wealthy, well-born doctor, Florentino is devastated, but he is a romantic. As he rises in his business career he whiles away the years in 622 affairs--yet he reserves his heart for Fermina. Her husband dies at last, and Florentino purposefully attends the funeral. Fifty years, nine months, and four days after he first declared his love for Fermina, he will do so again.
The Spanish Labyrinth
Author: Gerald Brenan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 131612407X
Year: 2014-11-06
View: 1302
Read: 1311
Gerald Brenan's The Spanish Labyrinth has become the classic account of the background to the Spanish Civil War. Written during and immediately after the Civil War, this book has all the vividness of the author's experience. It represents a struggle to see the issues in Spanish politics objectively, whilst bearing witness to the deep involvement which is the only possible source of much of this richly detailed account. As a literary figure on the fringe of the Bloomsbury group, Gerald Brenan lends to this narrative an engaging personal style that has become familiar to many thousands of readers over the decades since it was first published.
Conversations with God for Teens
Author: Neale Donald Walsch
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing
ISBN: 1612831168
Pages: 248
Year: 2012-10-01
View: 157
Read: 218
Suppose you could ask God any question and get an answer. What would it be? Young people all over the world have been asking those questions. So Neale Donald Walsch, author of the internationally bestselling Conversations with God series had another conversation. Conversations with God for Teens is a simple, clear, straight-to-the-point dialogue that answers teens questions about God, money, sex, love, and more. Conversations with God for Teens reads like a rap session at a church youth group, where teenagers discuss everything they ever wanted to know about life but were too afraid to ask God. Walsch acts as the verbal conduit, showing teenagers how easy it is to converse with the divine. When Claudia, age 16, from Perth, Australia, asks, "Why can't I just have sex with everybody? What's the big deal?", the answer God offers her is: "Nothing you do will ever be okay with everybody. 'Everybody' is a large word. The real question is can you have sex and have it be okay with you?" There's no doubt that the casual question-and-answer format will help make God feel welcoming and accessible to teens. Conversations with God for Teens is the perfect gift purchase for parents, grandparents, and anyone else who wants to provide accessible spiritual content for the teen(s) in their lives.
Hazme Tuya
Author: Anna Zaires, Dima Zales
ISBN: 1631423185
Year: 2018-01-31
View: 228
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One Hundred Years of Solitude
Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0060531045
Pages: 432
Year: 2003-06-24
View: 607
Read: 1246
One of the 20th century's enduring works, One Hundred Years of Solitude is a widely beloved and acclaimed novel known throughout the world, and the ultimate achievement in a Nobel Prize–winning career. The novel tells the story of the rise and fall of the mythical town of Macondo through the history of the Buendía family. It is a rich and brilliant chronicle of life and death, and the tragicomedy of humankind. In the noble, ridiculous, beautiful, and tawdry story of the Buendía family, one sees all of humanity, just as in the history, myths, growth, and decay of Macondo, one sees all of Latin America. Love and lust, war and revolution, riches and poverty, youth and senility -- the variety of life, the endlessness of death, the search for peace and truth -- these universal themes dominate the novel. Whether he is describing an affair of passion or the voracity of capitalism and the corruption of government, Gabriel García Márquez always writes with the simplicity, ease, and purity that are the mark of a master. Alternately reverential and comical, One Hundred Years of Solitude weaves the political, personal, and spiritual to bring a new consciousness to storytelling. Translated into dozens of languages, this stunning work is no less than an accounting of the history of the human race.
The Second Sex (Vintage Feminism Short Edition)
Author: Simone de Beauvoir
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1473521912
Pages: 144
Year: 2015-03-05
View: 844
Read: 1299
Vintage Feminism: classic feminist texts in short form WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY NATALIE HAYNES When this book was first published in 1949 it was to outrage and scandal. Never before had the case for female liberty been so forcefully and successfully argued. De Beauvoir’s belief that ‘One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman’ switched on light bulbs in the heads of a generation of women and began a fight for greater equality and economic independence. These pages contain the key passages of the book that changed perceptions of women forever. TRANSLATED BY CONSTANCE BORDE AND SHEILA MALOVANY-CHEVALLIER ANNOTATED AND INTRODUCED BY MARTINE REID
In Cold Blood
Author: Truman Capote
ISBN: 1846321492
Pages: 496
Year: 2007
View: 641
Read: 808
In Cold Blood reconstructs the 1959 murders of a Kansas farmer, his wife and two of their children. Truman Capote's comprehensive study of the killings and subsequent investigation explores the circumstances surrounding this terrible crime and the effect it had on those involved. At the centre of his study are the amoral young killers Perry Smith and Dick Hickcock, who, vividly drawn by Capote, are shown to be reprehensible yet entirely and frighteningly human. The book that made Capote's name, In Cold Blood is a seminal work of modern prose, a remarkable synthesis of journalistic skill and powerfully evocative narrative. "The best documentary account of an American crime ever written." - New York Times.
The Challenge of Epidemiology
Author: Carol Buck
Publisher: Pan American Health Org
ISBN: 9275115052
Pages: 989
Year: 1988
View: 544
Read: 1013

Black Obsidian (Obsidian #1)
Author: Victoria Quinn
Publisher: Victoria Quinn Books
Pages: 400
Year: 2017-03-07
View: 960
Read: 635

The Platinum Collection (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)
Author: Lynne Graham, Emma Darcy, Caitlin Crews, Susan Stephens, Maisey Yates, Abby Green
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 1474082254
Pages: 3360
Year: 2018-01-01
View: 512
Read: 382
Claiming His Innocent by Lynne Graham Jess’s Promise A Rich Man’s Whim The Billionaire’s Bridal Bargain An Australian Conquest by Emma Darcy The Incorrigible Playboy His Most Exquisite Conquest His Bought Mistress Surrender to the Devil The Replacement Wife Heiress Behind the Headlines A Devil in Disguise A Diamond Deal by Susan Stephens The Flaw in His Diamond The Purest of Diamonds? In the Brazilian’s Debt A Convenient Proposal by Maisey Yates His Diamond of Convenience The Highest Price to Pay His Ring Is Not Enough Affairs to Remember by Abby Green When Falcone’s World Stops Turning When Christakos Meets His Match When Da Silva Breaks the Rules
Author: Emilio Salgari, Nico Lorenzutti
Publisher: Roh Press
ISBN: 097827072X
Pages: 276
Year: 2007
View: 316
Read: 1255
The Tigers of Mompracem are a band of rebel pirates fighting against the colonial power of the Dutch and British Empires. They are led by Sandokan, the indomitable Tiger of Malaysia, and Yanez de Gomera, a Portuguese wanderer and adventurer. After twelve years of spilling blood and spreading terror throughout Malaysia, Sandokan has reached the height of his power, but when the pirate learns of the existence of the Pearl of Labuan, his fortunes begin to change...