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Manga Master Class
Author: Kamikaze Factory
Publisher: Monsa
ISBN: 8415223234
Pages: 112
Year: 2012-02-01
View: 804
Read: 1266
Filled with illustrations, expert hints and tips, and exercises, 'Gotik & Punk' presents readers with an easy-to-follow guide to creating their very own manga inspired artwork, from conception through to the finishing touches.
Trauma Manual, Fourth Edition
Author: Kenneth Mattox
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Pages: 540
Year: 2003
View: 1242
Read: 211
This concise, bulleted manual guides surgeons through the appropriate clinical management of a wide array of situations. Distilled from the leading text in trauma surgery, this pocket guide includes recommendations for anesthesia, pre- and postoperative preparation, and a new section on the most common laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures. 67 illustrations.
Marc Just Couldn't Sleep
Author: Gabriela Keselman
Publisher: Kane Miller Book Pub
ISBN: 1929132913
Pages: 32
Year: 2007-09
View: 960
Read: 824
It's bedtime, but Marc just can't sleep. He's scared. He's worried. What if a giant mosquito gets into his room? What if he falls out of bed? What if the moon melts? Mom to the rescue!A mosquito repellent teddy bear, notes to the wind and the moon, mountain climbing ropes...nothing works. What's a mom to do? The solution turns out to be simple enough to help even the most reluctant sleepy head off to dreamland.
EL ARTE MUDÉJAR. La estetica islámica en el arte cristiano
Author: Gonzalo M Borrás Gualís, Pedro Lavado Paradinas, Rafael Lopez Guzman, Maria Pilar Mogollón Cano-Cortes, Alfredo Morales Martínez, Maria Teresa Pérez Higuera
Publisher: Museum With No Frontiers, MWNF (Museum Ohne Grenzen)
ISBN: 3902782870
Pages: 317
Year: 2014-06-07
View: 794
Read: 257

Case of the Marshmallow Monster
Author: James Preller
Publisher: Perfection Learning
ISBN: 0756926440
Year: 2001-02-01
View: 494
Read: 580
Jigsaw is exited about his camping trip with his friends -- no school, and no detective work. But a full moon and a campfire story about a lake creature get Jigsaw back in business. When the marshmallows begin to disappear, Danika is sure a Marshmallow Monster is haunting the lake. Jigsaw and Mila scope out the area and wait to find out the real story.
The Essential Atlas of Fossils and Minerals
Author: Parramon Studios, José Tola, Eva Infiesta
Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated
ISBN: 0764127101
Pages: 96
Year: 2004-05-15
View: 1260
Read: 218
Presents a general overview of fossils and minerals from the differing perspectives of geology, paleontology, and collecting.
My Atlas of the Human Body
Author: Benoit Delalandre, Benjamin Chaud, Jérémy Clapin
Publisher: Tanglewuld Press
ISBN: 1857077261
Pages: 62
Year: 2008
View: 1060
Read: 385
Learn about the human body in this comprehensive spiral-bound atlas. Everything is covered from the bones and muscles of the body to the working of the brain; from hormones, adolescence and puberty to physical health and emotional well-being.
It's Obvious You Won't Survive by Your Wits Alone
Author: Scott Adams
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 0836204158
Pages: 224
Year: 1995-08-01
View: 1087
Read: 615
Cartoons from the comic strip "Dilbert" feature the hapless engineer and his cynical canine companion, Dogbert
Spider-man Loves Mary Jane Digest 1
Author: Sean McKeever, Takeshi Miyazawa
ISBN: 1439564310
Pages: 120
Year: 2008-08-01
View: 985
Read: 1063
Mary Jane Watson must choose between her bookish-but-sweet tutor, Peter Parker, and the exciting crime fighter, Spider-Man.
Turned to Stone
Author: Jorge Magano
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
ISBN: 1503946347
Pages: 381
Year: 2015-08-25
View: 952
Read: 671
Spanish journalist and art historian Jaime Azcárate has always been a magnet for trouble. So when the authorities call on him to help investigate a museum heist while he's enjoying a rare vacation, he is more annoyed than surprised. Jaime brushes off the detectives' pleas to find a missing and reportedly cursed Medusa sculpture, until an attempt on his life pulls him into the investigation. With nowhere else to turn, Jaime reaches out to the only person in the world who can help: Paloma Blasco, the ex-girlfriend with whom he authored an article on the priceless statue. The pair must put their differences aside as they travel from Greece to Sardinia to find the Medusa--before the curse claims another victim.
Author: Emanuel Rubin, John L. Farber
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 0397584229
Pages: 1664
Year: 1999
View: 486
Read: 1088
The updated Third Edition of Rubin and Farber's Pathology retains the features that make this text a favorite in medical schools--contemporary coverage, distinguished contributing authors, student-friendly format, and hundreds of full-color photomicrographs, color drawings, and colorful charts and other graphics throughout. The Third Edition's highlights include 300 new full-color photomicrographs, completely updated graphics throughout, and major revisions to chapters on developmental and genetic diseases, immunopathology, neoplasia, blood vessels, and infectious and parasitic diseases.The text provides students with the foundations of general and systemic pathology for a solid understanding of pathogenesis and how it relates to clinical medicine. A consistent, orderly presentation of each disease--definition, epidemiology, pathogenesis, pathology, clinical features--helps focus the student's attention and makes key facts easier to remember. Bullets and boldface type are strategically used to highlight important points.
God Does Not Create Miracles, You Do!
Author: Yehuda Berg
Publisher: Kabbalah Learning Center
ISBN: 1571893067
Pages: 135
Year: 2005-01-01
View: 166
Read: 1091
Inexplicable changes in luck, rapid recovery from illness, chaos turned to peace — Yehuda Berg shows how anything is possible when readers learn the Kabbalah's miraculous secrets. Drawing on his 13 years of teaching this ancient form of spiritual technology to thousands of students, Berg reveals an extremely practical, step-by-step system for helping readers create extraordinary events and astonishing miracles in their daily lives. A number of helpful exercises are included.
Pushing Brilliance
Author: Tim Tigner
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1535060239
Pages: 284
Year: 2016-07-14
View: 1125
Read: 1102
Some people are naturally brilliant, others have to buy it. What would you pay, to be one in a million? Framed for murder and on the run, former Olympic biathlete Kyle Achilles is also in the crosshairs of assassins' guns. Why? He has no idea. He's fighting blind against two master strategists and one extraordinary invention -- known as Brillyanc. Achilles' only ally is the other prime suspect, a beautiful Russian mathematician who is either the best or worst person to ever enter his life. Katya was engaged to Achilles' brother -- before he died. Chasing clues while dodging bullets, Achilles and Katya race around the globe, uncovering a conspiracy conceived in Moscow, born in Silicon Valley, and destined to demolish both the White House and the Kremlin. Along the way a lost soul finds purpose, a broken heart confronts forbidden love, and America gains a new hero. Packed with heart-stopping surprises, paced by razor-sharp plotting, and populated with richly rendered characters, Pushing Brilliance will leave you breathless and longing for more.
21e ateliers internationaux du Frac des pays de la Loire
Publisher: monografik éditions
ISBN: 2906247561
Pages: 66
Year: 2006
View: 811
Read: 455