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Genius Intelligence
Author: James Morcan, Lance Morcan
Publisher: Sterling Gate Books
ISBN: 0473318490
Pages: 208
Year: 2016-06-18
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The brain's potential is the human potential! What if there are faster and easier ways to learn and study than the modi operandi currently being taught in mainstream education systems? GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ is the ultimate treatise on accelerated learning methods. Written by novelists, filmmakers and independent researchers James Morcan & Lance Morcan with a foreword by leading scientist Dr. Takaaki Musha, this book shatters the myth that geniuses are born not developed. It reveals how most instances of above-the-ordinary intelligences are acquired thru superior cognitive techniques or brain enhancing technologies. Renowned geniuses examined include Apple founder Steve Jobs who as a 19-year-old began practicing an ancient discipline that activated previously dormant parts of his brain; Albert Einstein who came up with his great theory of relativity while using a rare method for accessing the subconscious mind; Kim Peek (the real 'Rain Man') who could speed read any book in five minutes flat with total comprehension; Indian mathematical mastermind Srinivasa Ramanujan who, although untrained, created extraordinary formulas that left academics gobsmacked; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who composed entire pieces while in a specific altered state of mind. Among the discoveries shared with readers are brain waves common to geniuses and the various ways to induce those brain waves; mental techniques the world's elite and A-List celebrities are quietly using to help them process information while they're asleep or in virtual worlds; chemical substances students and academics the world over employ to kick-start the brain into overdrive; and cutting-edge technologies business tycoons and professional athletes employ to gain a cerebral edge over their competitors. Drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience, GENIUS INTELLIGENCE lists dozens of practical methods to increase IQ and speed-learn any subject. "Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see." -Arthur Schopenhauer "The knowledge of all things is possible" -Leonardo da Vinci
Author: James Morcan, Lance Morcan
Publisher: Sterling Gate Books
ISBN: 0473365405
Pages: 150
Year: 2016-09-15
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What do the world's superpowers get up to in their secret underground bunkers? UNDERGROUND BASES: Subterranean Military Facilities and the Cities Beneath Our Feet, by novelists, filmmakers and independent researchers James Morcan & Lance Morcan, details confirmed and rumored underground facilities in the United States and around the world. Containing rare photographic evidence throughout as well as little-known quotes from key government figures, it makes a compelling case for there being an enormous hidden world under the Earth's surface. The Morcans speculate that the covert underground infrastructure may be far bigger than anyone has previously supposed and is likely used for the development of suppressed technologies. Their sources include declassified files, university reports, WikiLeaks' documents and interviews with ex-military personnel turned whistleblowers who claim to have worked in "cities below ground." UNDERGROUND BASES delivers a vast array of facts and theories that ultimately allows readers to form their own conclusions. The expose covers everything from: the US Department of Defense's verified evacuation areas beneath the White House and the Pentagon as well as their acknowledged sites at Mount Weather and Cheyenne Mountain; underground facilities around the world including Russia's sprawling Mezhgorye complex and Australia's CIA-managed Pine Gap; the long-forgotten newspaper headlines which reported that Adolf Hitler and senior SS officers may have built a Nazi colony beneath Antarctica after WW2; rumors that human-alien joint ventures are occurring below ground and that kidnapped citizens are being detained in subterranean prisons for illegal medical experimentation such as cloning. Why are the Global Elite spending trillions of dollars of their black budgets to build such vast networks of underground (and undersea and under-ice) sites? Are they simply preparing for emergencies as per official government explanations? Do they believe an Armageddon scenario is imminent? Are they secretly collaborating with extraterrestrials? Or, are they literally creating a breakaway civilization separate to the rest of humanity? To attempt to address these and other questions, UNDERGROUND BASES takes readers on a vicarious journey into miles-deep military bases and other subterranean facilities not known to the general public."
Author: James Morcan, Lance Morcan
Publisher: Sterling Gate Books
ISBN: 0473365391
Pages: 136
Year: 2016-09-06
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The biggest mystery of our era finally gets the balanced and unbiased investigation it deserves. 'ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION: Human or Alien Technologies?' is a far-reaching exploration into the UFO phenomenon that covers all possible scenarios and discounts nothing. Written by novelists, filmmakers and independent researchers James Morcan & Lance Morcan, with a foreword by advanced interstellar propulsion systems expert Grant Hayman and an afterword by leading scientist and space industry veteran Dr. Takaaki Musha, one of the great enigmas of all time is examined with equal doses of open-mindedness and skepticism. This book includes never-before-mentioned accounts of popular UFO topics like Area 51, Roswell and alien abduction claims, as well as tackling less reported subjects such as Nazi and Japanese antigravity experiments and even rarer theories involving quantum physics and lost civilizations of the ancients. What do all the sightings of UFO's around the world reveal? Who is covering up the existence of these strange craft in our skies? And are the technologies manmade or extraterrestrial in origin? Forget what you think you already know and prepare to be surprised. For those searching for the truth about these exotic technologies and wanting to know why they are being concealed from the public, ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION is a must read.
The Ninth Orphan
Author: Lance Morcan, James Morcan
ISBN: 0473193132
Pages: 266
Year: 2011
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How do you catch a man who is never the same man twice? That is the question posed in The Ninth Orphan, a top-rated international thriller novel and the first book in The Orphan Trilogy. An orphan grows up to become an assassin for a highly secretive organization. When he tries to break free and live a normal life, he is hunted by his mentor and father figure, and by a female orphan he spent his childhood with. On the run, the mysterious man's life becomes entwined with his beautiful French-African hostage and a shocking past riddled with the darkest of conspiracies is revealed. But can the ninth-born orphan ever get off the grid? To find out you'll need to go on a tumultuous journey around the globe to such far-flung locations as China, France, the Philippines, Andorra, America, England, Germany and French Polynesia. The frenetic cat-and-mouse chase moves from airports to train stations and hidden torture prisons, taking the reader on a shocking, nail-biting ride into the world's closet of skeletons that goes beyond conspiracy theories to painful reality. Fast-paced, totally fresh and original, filled with deep and complex characters, The Ninth Orphan is a controversial, high-octane thriller with an edge. Merging fact with fiction, it illuminates shadow organizations rumored to actually exist in our world. The novel explores a plethora of conspiracies involving real organizations like the CIA, MI6, and the UN, and public figures such as President Obama as well as the Clinton, Marcos and Bush families. Tackling genetic selection, mind control and secret societies, The Ninth Orphan exposes a global agenda designed to keep the power in the hands of a select few. The novel's antagonists are members of a shadow government acting above and beyond the likes of the White House, the FBI, the Pentagon and the NSA. Could something like this ever take place? Or, is it already taking place right now? This unique and unpredictable thriller also has a poignant, romantic sub-plot. The story contains the kind of intimate character portraits usually associated with psychological novels. Buckle up for a wild trip full of death-defying action, cloak and dagger intrigue, unexpected role reversals and surprise endings. Written by father-and-son writing team Lance & James Morcan (authors of The Orphan Factory, The Orphan Uprisingand Fiji: A Novel), The Ninth Orphan is Book #1 in The Orphan Trilogy. A feature film adaptation of The Ninth Orphan is also currently being developed.
Author: Suelette Dreyfus, Julian Assange
Publisher: Canongate Books
ISBN: 085786260X
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-01-05
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Suelette Dreyfus and her co-author, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, tell the extraordinary true story of the computer underground, and the bizarre lives and crimes of an elite ring of international hackers who took on the establishment. Spanning three continents and a decade of high level infiltration, they created chaos amongst some of the world's biggest and most powerful organisations, including NASA and the US military. Brilliant and obsessed, many of them found themselves addicted to hacking and phreaking. Some descended into drugs and madness, others ended up in jail. As riveting as the finest detective novel and meticulously researched, Underground follows the hackers through their crimes, their betrayals, the hunt, raids and investigations. It is a gripping tale of the digital underground.
Author: James Morcan, Lance Morcan
Publisher: Sterling Gate Books
ISBN: 0473380498
Pages: 120
Year: 2016-12-22
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THE CATCHER IN THE RYE ENIGMA unearths the mysteries surrounding the 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger - arguably the most controversial book of all time. Nicknamed the 'Bible of teenage angst', the classic novel, which is frequently labeled immoral by different groups, has been banned in various parts of America over the decades. However, the main controversy, and indeed the most common reason for it being banned, was that it either inspired or was associated with some of the most infamous crimes of the 20th Century. These crimes include the murder of John Lennon and the attempted assassination of President Reagan. The allegation directed at Salinger is that he (and/or his publisher) craftily implanted into the book neurolinguistic passages, or coded messages, that act as post-hypnotic suggestions or mind control "triggers." In turn, these triggers enabled CIA handlers to activate Manchurian Candidates for assassinations. Some conspiracy theorists also believe the novel was part of the CIA's now mostly-declassified mind control program MK-Ultra, and that while assassins were being brainwashed they were forced to read the book over and over until it was embedded in their minds. But given that Salinger's critically acclaimed masterpiece was one of the biggest selling books of the 20th Century, are the crimes it was associated with merely happenstance? Today, if a handful of different murderers had a copy of The Da Vinci Code or a Harry Potter book, or were all fixated on a similarly popular book, would it even make the news headlines? Novelists, filmmakers and independent researchers James Morcan & Lance Morcan investigate these theories and counter arguments in THE CATCHER IN THE RYE ENIGMA - the fourth book of The Underground Knowledge Series. This balanced expose ultimately leaves it up to you, the reader, to decide whether J.D. Salinger's novel is a "Mind Control Triggering Device" or simply a "Coincidental Literary Obsession of Criminals" just as this book's subtitle suggests. Besides the criminals who targeted Lennon and Reagan, THE CATCHER IN THE RYE ENIGMA also details other deranged individuals who were obsessed with Salinger's book including stalkers and murderers of leading political figures, film stars and other celebrities. The idea that assassination codes are buried deep in Salinger's book is one of the oldest conspiracy theories around and has been explored repeatedly over the decades with no smoking gun ever found. In fact, many familiar with Catcher conspiracies may think all the theories have already been proven to be false and there's no need to drag them up yet again. However, given what the authors have uncovered in their research for THE CATCHER IN THE RYE ENIGMA - especially the unique revelations on the history of mind control, the effectiveness of subliminal messages, the latest scientific studies on the brain, Salinger's underreported dealings with the Americanized Nazis of Project Paperclip and the recently declassified documents on real-life Manchurian Candidates - they believe some of the theories swirling about the classic novel deserve another look. Note that this title is an extended version of several chapters in The Orphan Conspiracies: 29 Conspiracy Theories from The Orphan Trilogy (Sterling Gate Books, 2014) also by James & Lance Morcan. The Catcher in the Rye Enigma therefore contains a combination of new material as well as some recycled material from The Orphan Conspiracies."
Personnel Selection
Author: Mark Cook
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118973569
Pages: 368
Year: 2016-02-19
View: 1018
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This is a fully updated edition of Personnel Selection, a seminal text on the psychometric approach to personnel selection by a noted expert in the field. Focuses on cutting-edge topics including the influence of social networking sites, adverse impact, age differences and stereotypes, distribution of work performance, and the problems of selecting new employees using research based on incumbent employees Questions established beliefs in the field, especially issues that have been characterized as “not a problem,” such as differential validity, over-reliance on self-report, and “faking good” Contains expanded discussion of research and practice in the US and internationally, while maintaining the definitive coverage of UK and European selection approaches Provides comprehensive yet accessible information for professionals and students, as well as helpful pedagogical tools (technical and statistical boxes, simplified figures and tables, research agenda boxes, key point summaries, and key references)
How to Increase IQ
Author: Remy Simon
ISBN: 1530459745
Pages: 46
Year: 2015-02-20
View: 1296
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Intelligent people seem to have it better in so many ways. They get better grades and better jobs; and they even seem to get better options when it comes to friends and partners. They are able to think their way through life's challenges and come out as winners. In the past, it was common belief that there is only one kind of intelligence - that which is typically known as being 'book smart' or having a high IQ. It was also believed that intelligent people are born smart, and if you aren't so genetically blessed, well, tough luck. Thankfully for the rest of us, science now tells us otherwise. Now we know there are numerous facets to intelligence, and being book smart is only one part of it. For example, you may be clueless in math, but be extremely gifted in music (rhythmic intelligence) or sports (kinesthetic intelligence) or even with people (interpersonal intelligence). But even better, we also now know that intelligence can be acquired and developed. You can actually make yourself smart! And that's what this book is specifically designed to help you do. Together, we'll walk through all the aspects of intelligence in order for you to see how they relate to your IQ. Then, I will show you how to exercise you mental muscles and make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to actually increase your brainpower. Ready to get started?
Why People Believe Weird Things
Author: Michael Shermer
Publisher: Holt Paperbacks
ISBN: 1429996765
Pages: 384
Year: 2002-09-01
View: 947
Read: 700
Revised and Expanded Edition. In this age of supposed scientific enlightenment, many people still believe in mind reading, past-life regression theory, New Age hokum, and alien abduction. A no-holds-barred assault on popular superstitions and prejudices, with more than 80,000 copies in print, Why People Believe Weird Things debunks these nonsensical claims and explores the very human reasons people find otherworldly phenomena, conspiracy theories, and cults so appealing. In an entirely new chapter, "Why Smart People Believe in Weird Things," Michael Shermer takes on science luminaries like physicist Frank Tippler and others, who hide their spiritual beliefs behind the trappings of science. Shermer, science historian and true crusader, also reveals the more dangerous side of such illogical thinking, including Holocaust denial, the recovered-memory movement, the satanic ritual abuse scare, and other modern crazes. Why People Believe Strange Things is an eye-opening resource for the most gullible among us and those who want to protect them.
Get Smarter
Author: Theodore Maddox, Buck Langsley
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1507776942
Pages: 30
Year: 2015-01-28
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30 WAYS TO GET SMARTER AND BECOME THE GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!Have you ever wished you could increase your intelligence by mastering your mind, honing your cognitive abilities and never missing out on small details ever again? Often times, it only requires a small conscious effort for people to completely alter the way people perceive them. First impressions are crucial and nobody wants to come off looking like a slouch, so let me show you how to make the necessary changes so that you can revolutionize your life! In this short, informative Ebook you will learn:- How to sound confident and informed while having conversations - How to look more intelligent - How to increase your memory - How to expand your mind and utilize its full potential - How to make phenomenal first impressions - How to become a scrabble master - The best brain food you can possibly eat - How to use your time more wisely to increase intelligence - Daily habits you can use to increase your cognitive abilities - How to ask informed, intelligent questions - Tons of useful words that will make you sound more intelligent Join me on the journey for increased intelligence and change the way people perceive you. I have broken this book down into 30 simple steps and if you follow them you will certainly come off as a smarter person. Here is a sneak peak of some of the topics that will be covered:-Common grammatical errors that can easily be corrected -What happens to your mind when you enter the fabled 'zone' -The difference between an adrenaline rush and a flow state -The best ways to stay up to date on world news - Making golden first impressions - Daily rituals/ habits that will increase your cognitive abilities - Must read books that will make you smarter It is time to change the way people see you, but more importantly, it's time to change the way you see yourself! DOWNLOAD: “GET SMARTER” NOW, and let's get down to business!
The Transhumanist Wager
Author: Zoltan Istvan
ISBN: 0988616114
Pages: 297
Year: 2013
View: 273
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Philosopher, entrepreneur, and former National Geographic and New York Times correspondent Zoltan Istvan presents his visionary novel, The Transhumanist Wager, as a seminal statement of our times. Scorned by over 500 publishers and literary agents around the world, his philosophical thriller has been called "revolutionary" and "socially dangerous" by readers, scholars, and religious authorities. The novel debuts a challenging original philosophy, which rebuffs modern civilization by inviting the end of the human species-and declaring the onset of something greater. Set in the present day, the novel tells the story of transhumanist Jethro Knights and his unwavering quest for immortality via science and technology. Fighting against him are fanatical religious groups, economically depressed governments, and mystic Zoe Bach: a dazzling trauma surgeon and the love of his life, whose belief in spirituality and the afterlife is absolute. Exiled from America and reeling from personal tragedy, Knights forges a new nation of willing scientists on the world's largest seasteading project, Transhumania. When the world declares war against the floating city, demanding an end to its renegade and godless transhuman experiments and ambitions, Knights strikes back, leaving the planet forever changed.
Author: Philip E. Tetlock, Dan Gardner
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 080413670X
Pages: 352
Year: 2015-09-29
View: 200
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A New York Times Bestseller An Economist Best Book of 2015 "The most important book on decision making since Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow." —Jason Zweig, The Wall Street Journal Everyone would benefit from seeing further into the future, whether buying stocks, crafting policy, launching a new product, or simply planning the week’s meals. Unfortunately, people tend to be terrible forecasters. As Wharton professor Philip Tetlock showed in a landmark 2005 study, even experts’ predictions are only slightly better than chance. However, an important and underreported conclusion of that study was that some experts do have real foresight, and Tetlock has spent the past decade trying to figure out why. What makes some people so good? And can this talent be taught? In Superforecasting, Tetlock and coauthor Dan Gardner offer a masterwork on prediction, drawing on decades of research and the results of a massive, government-funded forecasting tournament. The Good Judgment Project involves tens of thousands of ordinary people—including a Brooklyn filmmaker, a retired pipe installer, and a former ballroom dancer—who set out to forecast global events. Some of the volunteers have turned out to be astonishingly good. They’ve beaten other benchmarks, competitors, and prediction markets. They’ve even beaten the collective judgment of intelligence analysts with access to classified information. They are "superforecasters." In this groundbreaking and accessible book, Tetlock and Gardner show us how we can learn from this elite group. Weaving together stories of forecasting successes (the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound) and failures (the Bay of Pigs) and interviews with a range of high-level decision makers, from David Petraeus to Robert Rubin, they show that good forecasting doesn’t require powerful computers or arcane methods. It involves gathering evidence from a variety of sources, thinking probabilistically, working in teams, keeping score, and being willing to admit error and change course. Superforecasting offers the first demonstrably effective way to improve our ability to predict the future—whether in business, finance, politics, international affairs, or daily life—and is destined to become a modern classic. From the Hardcover edition.
Discipline & Punish
Author: Michel Foucault
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307819299
Pages: 352
Year: 2012-04-18
View: 1272
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In this brilliant work, the most influential philosopher since Sartre suggests that such vaunted reforms as the abolition of torture and the emergence of the modern penitentiary have merely shifted the focus of punishment from the prisoner's body to his soul.
The book revolution
Author: Robert Escarpit
Pages: 160
Year: 1966-01-01
View: 202
Read: 184

The Search for the "Manchurian Candidate"
Author: John D. Marks
Publisher: Crown
Pages: 242
Year: 1979
View: 577
Read: 1304
Here is the extraordinary story of how the Central Intelligence Agency waged a careful and systematic assault on the human psyche. John Marks reveals what was perhaps the most sinister activity ever engaged in by an organ of the United States government. He describes how the government conducted a series of secret programs to find ways to control human behavior. Responding to the assumption that the Soviets (and before them the Nazis) were trying to do the same, Marks asserts that high officials of the CIA and military intelligence believed they could enhance American security if they make a recalcitrant subject talk or otherwise act against his will. - Jacket flap.