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I, Partridge
Author: Steve Coogan
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007449178
Pages: 320
Year: 2011
View: 475
Read: 1054
Alan Gordon Partridge is the best - and best-loved - radio presenter in the region. Born into a changing world of rationing, Teddy Boys, apes in space and the launch of ITV, Alan's broadcasting career began as chief DJ of Radio Smile at St. Luke's Hospital in Norwich. After replacing Peter Flint as the presenter of Scout About, he entered the top 8 of BBC sports presenters. But Alan's big break came with his primetime BBC chat show Knowing Me, Knowing You. Sadly, the show battled against poor scheduling, having been put up against News at Ten, then in its heyday. Due to declining ratings, a single catastrophic hitch (the killing of a guest on air) and the dumbing down of network TV, Alan's show was cancelled. Not to be dissuaded, he embraced this opportunity to wind up his production company, leave London and fulfil a lifelong ambition to return to his roots in local radio. Now single, Alan is an intensely private man but he opens up, for the second time, in this candid, entertaining, often deeply emotional - and of course compelling - memoir, written entirely in his own words. (Alan quickly dispelled the idea of using a ghost writer. With a grade B English Language O-Level, he knew he was up to the task.) He speaks touchingly about his tragic Toblerone addiction, about the time he got locked in the boot of a Rover 800 when an experiment to see if he could fit in it went wrong, and the painful moment when unsold copies of his first autobiography, BOUNCING BACK, were pulped like 'word porridge'. He reveals all about his relationship with his ex-Ukrainian girlfriend, Sonja, with whom he had sex at least twice a day, and the truth about the thick people who make key decisions at the BBC. A literary tour de force, I, PARTRIDGE: WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT ALAN charts the incredible journey of one of our greatest broadcasters.
Alan Partridge: Nomad
Author: Alan Partridge
Publisher: Trapeze
ISBN: 1409156729
Pages: 304
Year: 2016-10-20
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Praise for Nomad: 'Funniest book of the year' Sunday Telegraph 'Alan Partridge's Nomad is almost certainly the funniest book ever written' Caitlin Moran 'Sensationally funny. What brilliant writing' Richard Osman 'Sensational' Jenny Colgan 'Hilarious' Jon Ronson 'Brilliantly funny' Marcus Brigstock In ALAN PARTRIDGE: NOMAD, Alan dons his boots, windcheater and scarf and embarks on an odyssey through a place he once knew - it's called Britain - intent on completing a journey of immense personal significance. Diarising his ramble in the form of a 'journey journal', Alan details the people and places he encounters, ruminates on matters large and small and, on a final leg fraught with danger, becomes - not a man (because he was one to start off with) - but a better, more inspiring example of a man. This deeply personal book is divided into chapters and has a colour photograph on the front cover. It is deeply personal. Through witty vignettes, heavy essays and nod-inducing pieces of wisdom, Alan shines a light on the nooks of the nation and the crannies of himself, making this a biography that biographs the biographer while also biographing bits of Britain.
Easily Distracted
Author: Steve Coogan
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448183510
Pages: 368
Year: 2015-10-08
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Steve Coogan was born and raised in Manchester in the 1960s, the fourth of six children. From an early age he entertained his family with impressions and was often told he should 'be on the telly'. Failing to get into any of the London-based drama schools, he accepted a place at Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre and before graduating had been given his first break as a voice artist on the satirical puppet show Spitting Image. The late eighties and early nineties saw Coogan developing characters he could perform on the comedy circuit, from Ernest Moss to Paul Calf, and in 1992 he won a Perrier award with John Thomson. It was around the same time, while working with Armando Iannucci and Patrick Marber on On The Hour and The Day Today, that Alan Partridge emerged, almost fully formed. Coogan, once a tabloid fixture, is now a respected film actor, writer and producer. He runs his own production company, Baby Cow, has a raft of films to his name (from 24 Hour Party People to Alpha Papa, the critically-acclaimed Partridge film), six Baftas and seven Comedy Awards. He has found huge success in recent years with both The Trip and Philomena, the latter bringing him two Oscar nominations, for producing and co-writing. In Easily Distracted he lifts the lid on the real Steve Coogan, writing with distinctive humour and an unexpected candour about a noisy childhood surrounded by foster kids, his attention-seeking teenage years and his emergence as a household name with the birth of Alan Partridge.
I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan
Author: Alan Partridge
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007449208
Pages: 336
Year: 2011-09-29
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Journalist, presenter, broadcaster, husband, father, vigorous all-rounder: Alan Partridge. Star of action blockbuster Alpha Papa; a man with a fascinating past and an amazing future.
Alan Partridge
Author: Steve Coogan, Armando Ianucci
ISBN: 140591565X
Pages: 448
Year: 2013
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Alan Partridge is our most remarkable broadcaster. From the giddy heights of his short-lived TV chat show to the crashing lows of six months in a travel tavern, he's done it all. Whether shooting dead one of his guests on air; being crushed under a dead cow; having incomplete sex with a woman he was supposed to be sacking or encountering 'mentalist' fans, Alan remains a formidable presence. And despite suffering a breakdown, Toblerone addiction and skewering his foot on a spike he always bounces back. Every Ruddy Word is the complete story (with additional never-before-seen material) of one of Britain's most-enduring comic heroes. 'Charts every line of Mr Blazer's plummeting career from radio to TV to corporate video presenter. A treat.' The Times 'The man is a monster.' Guardian
Toast on Toast
Author: Steven Toast
Publisher: Canongate Books
ISBN: 1782117504
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-10-22
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Toast on Toast is the must-have book for all budding actors - and non-actors too. In this part memoir, part 'how to act' manual, Steven Toast draws on his vast and varied experiences, providing the reader with an invaluable insight into his journey from school plays to RADA, and from 'It's a Right Royal Knockout' to the Colony Club. Along the way, he reveals the secrets of his success. He discloses how to brush up on and expand your technical and vocal skills, how to nail a professional voiceover, and how to deal with difficult work experience staff in a recording studio. He also reveals the dangers of typecasting, describes the often ruthless struggle for 'top billing', and shares many awesome nuggets of advice. The end result is a book that will inspire and educate anyone who wants to tread the floorboards. It will also inform (and entertain) anybody who simply wants to discover what a jobbing actor's life is actually like.
Small Man in a Book
Author: Rob Brydon
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141970367
Pages: 368
Year: 2011-10-13
View: 859
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Rob Brydon tells story of his slow ascent to fame and fortune in Small Man in a Book. A multi-award-winning actor, writer, comedian and presenter known for his warmth, humour and inspired impressions, Rob Brydon has quickly become one of our very favourite entertainers. But there was a time when it looked like all we'd hear of Rob was his gifted voice. Growing up in South Wales, Rob had a passion for radio and soon the Welsh airwaves resounded to his hearty burr. However, these were followed by years of misadventure and struggle, before, in the TV series Marion and Geoff and Gavin and Stacey, Rob at last tickled the nation's funny bone. The rest, as they say, is history. Or in his case autobiography. Small Man in a Book is Rob Brydon's funny, heartfelt, honest, sometimes sad, but mainly funny, memoir of how a young man from Wales very, very slowly became an overnight success. Rob Brydon was brought up in Wales, where his career began on radio and as a voiceover artist. After a brief stint working for the Home Shopping Network he co-wrote and performed in his breakthrough show, the darkly funny Human Remains. He has since starred in the immensely popular Gavin and Stacey, Steve Coogan's partner in The Trip, and was the host of Would I Lie to You? and The Rob Brydon Show. He now lives in London with his wife and five children.
Charlie Brooker's Screen Burn
Author: Charlie Brooker
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571297633
Pages: 384
Year: 2012-10-01
View: 988
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'These days, watching television is like sitting in the back of Travis Bickle's taxicab, staring through the window at a world of relentless, churning shod ... 'Cruel, acerbic, impassioned, gleeful, frequently outrageous and always hilarious, Charlie Brooker's Screen Burn collects the best of the much-loved Guardian Guide columns into one easy-to-read-on-the-toilet package.Sit back and roar as Brooker rips mercilessly into Simon Cowell, Big Brother, Trinny and Susannah, Casualty, Davina McCall, Michael Parkinson ... and almost everything elso on television.This book will make practically anyone laugh out loud.
Delete This at Your Peril
Author: Bob Servant, Neil Forsyth
Publisher: Birlinn
ISBN: 0857900005
Pages: 224
Year: 2011-05-01
View: 1228
Read: 432
This is an hilarious collection of email exchanges starring the anti-hero of spam, Bob Servant, now republished with previously unreleased material. Spam is the plague of the electronic age, comprising 90% of all emails sent and conning over 0150m a year from British victims. Into this wave of corruption steps the brave figure of Bob Servant - a former window cleaner and cheeseburger magnate with a love of wine, women and song as well as a keen sense of fair play. This wickedly funny and original book features the anarchic exchanges between Bob and the hapless spam merchants. As they offer Bob lost African millions, Russian brides and get-rich-quick scams he responds by generously offering some outlandish schemes of his own. The spammers may have breached his firewall, but they have met their match as Bob Servant rises heroically to the challenge, and sows confusion in his wake.
The Big Question - Alan Partridge Quiz Book
Author: Ross Carpenter
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1979231532
Pages: 110
Year: 2017-10-27
View: 1203
Read: 897
Alan Partridge. We've all heard of him. We all admire him. We all respect him. But who exactly is he? "You're the flippin' self-proclaimed Partridge-expert, Carpenter! You tell us!" Well, off the top of my head, Alan Partridge is the current host of Radio Norf-North Norfolk's Mid-Morning Matters programme, running from 10am to 2pm. The combination of music and chat was reflected in a more 'housewife-friendly' tone, described by one North Norfolk blogger as 'like a feral Lorraine Kelly'. With listening figures having spiked 2% in the first quarter following Alan's move to MMM on NND, it'd be fair of you to assume he'd always had it so good. Well you're bang wrong! On 21st October, 1994, having been passed a gun by a sweaty-handed Forbes McAllister, a startled Partridge fired a single bullet in to his heart. That, the break-up of this marriage to Carol; the estrangement from his two children - his son Fernando and a daughter; living for 182 or 183 (depending on the source) days in a travel tavern; and failing to be given a second series, despite pitching a number of high-shelf ideas for television programmes; it's fair to say Alan didn't always (have it so good). The comedy character, Alan Partridge, was created by Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci in 1991, going on to star in the BBC4 Radio Series 'On the Hour' and it's television sister, 'The Day Today'. This was followed by chat show 'Knowing Me Knowing You'; two series of 'I'm Alan Partridge'; two of 'Mid-Morning Matters'; two specials - 'Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places of My Life', and 'Alan Partridge's Scissored Isle'; and a Hollywood movie - 'Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa'. With two hugely successful books detailing Alan's life - 'I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan', and 'Nomad' - Alan Partridge has become a mainstay of the British comedy circuit, and one of the most quoted comedy characters in television history. The following quizzes will, hopefully, test the limits of even the most hardened Alan Partridge fan, and could easily be used in a pub quiz. Also, the book is really, really, really, really, really portable. It would fit ideally into an attaché case, or the thigh pocket of a pair of fashionable combat trousers. In this first of two volumes, there are a total of 52 individual quizzes, made up of 38 General Partridge (knowledge) quizzes across two difficulty levels, 2 quotes quizzes, 2 picture rounds, and 10 of specific topics. With 12-15 questions per quiz, that's a total of 666 questions of pure Alan. And you really do need to make sure you get enough Alan in your Mid-morning diet. If you want to find out more, you can just ruddy well buy this book and see for yourself.
Spinning into Oblivion
Author: Santhosh Gangadharan
Publisher: Partridge Publishing
ISBN: 1482848937
Pages: 200
Year: 2015-05-18
View: 595
Read: 1242
San, the protagonist, is disturbed by strange recurring dreams in which by spinning at high speeds he is able to meet and talk to his dead parents. While at a safari in the dunes of Dubai, he encounters ghostly shapes dancing amidst a Turkish tanoura dancer, Ahmed Mansour. His acquaintance with Mansour takes him to Konya, where he learns of the teachings of the Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and the practice of Sufi swirling. Just as he feels he is close to the truth, a beautiful dame, Damla, runs into them, creating more complications. San learns that the theory of evolution of souls and the magical influence of the great Mevlana of Konya would make one ponder over their own lives. Mahmoud makes him understand that by creating awareness of ones own birthplace, the individual could stay close to his roots and thereby to his heart. On the advice of Mahmoud, the grand old man of Konya, the three of them embark on a trip across Asia to find their roots. The enigma that is Damla and the history of the equatorial wilderness of Borneo unravel in front of them in mysterious ways amidst great danger. The friends race to solve the mystery of their dreams before their dreams consume them.
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Author: Lionel Shriver
Publisher: Counterpoint Press
ISBN: 1582438870
Pages: 416
Year: 2011-05-01
View: 519
Read: 167
That neither nature nor nurture bears exclusive responsibility for a child's character is self-evident. But generalizations about genes are likely to provide cold comfort if it's your own child who just opened fire on his feellow algebra students and whose class photograph—with its unseemly grin—is shown on the evening news coast-to-coast. If the question of who's to blame for teenage atrocity intrigues news-watching voyeurs, it tortures our narrator, Eva Khatchadourian. Two years before the opening of the novel, her son, Kevin, murdered seven of his fellow high school students, a cafeteria worker, and the much-beloved teacher who had tried to befriend him. Because his sixteenth birthday arrived two days after the killings, he received a lenient sentence and is currently in a prison for young offenders in upstate New York. In relating the story of Kevin's upbringing, Eva addresses her estranged husband, Frank, through a series of startingly direct letters. Fearing that her own shortcomings may have shaped what her son became, she confesses to a deep, long-standing ambivalence about both motherhood in general—and Kevin in particular. How much is her fault? We Need To Talk About Kevin offers no at explanations for why so many white, well-to-do adolescents—whether in Pearl, Paducah, Springfield, or Littleton—have gone nihilistically off the rails while growing up in the most prosperous country in history. Instead, Lionel Shriver tells a compelling, absorbing, and resonant story with an explosive, haunting ending. She considers motherhood, marriage, family, career—while framing these horrifying tableaus of teenage carnage as metaphors for the larger tragedy of a country where everything works, nobody starves, and anything can be bought but a sense of purpose.
The Night Book
Author: Richard Madeley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471140598
Pages: 464
Year: 2016-06-30
View: 951
Read: 704
‘An authentic and exciting story. The perfect summer read’ -- Clare Mackintosh, author of the bestselling I LET YOU GO From the author of the bestselling Some Day I’ll Find You comes a novel of dark suspense set in the Lake District where, beneath the inviting water of the lakes, danger and death are waiting. The summer of 1976 was unprecedented in living memory. Days of blazing sunshine bled into weeks and months. In the Lake District, Cumbria’s mountains and valleys began to resemble a Grecian landscape. People swam in delightfully tropic waters to cool off. But, barely three feet below the surface, the temperature remained just a degree or so above freezing. As the summer blazed on, the drownings began… What if someone wanted to take revenge? To remove an abusive, controlling partner from their life? When and where better to stage a murder and pass it off as an accidental drowning?
Let Me Off at the Top!
Author: Ron Burgundy
Publisher: Crown Archetype
ISBN: 080413958X
Pages: 224
Year: 2013-11-19
View: 911
Read: 850
Ron Burgundy is known to all as the lead anchorman of San Diego's award-winning Action 4 News Team and anchor of the first 24-hour news channel, GNN (Global News Network), but few know the real man behind the news desk. In LET ME OFF AT THE TOP! My Classy Life and Other Musings he will share never-before-told stories of his childhood and the events that led him to choose a career in the news business. He will offer a rare glimpse behind the camera into the real life of a man many consider to be our greatest living news anchor. In his own words, he will share personal anecdotes about the women in his life, about his dog, Baxter, and his legendary news team. Along the way, he'll also give sage advice on a variety of topics that matter most to him. The long wait is over. Ron Burgundy pulls no punches in this widely anticipated, fully authorized tell-all autobiography.
Author: Tony Blackburn
ISBN: 0752890387
Year: 2007-10
View: 796
Read: 185
The 30th September 1967 was a day in radio history as Radio One took to the airwaves. On that day, a young, ex-pirate radio DJ, Tony Blackburn, made his first step in a career that would make him a household name and that is still going strong today.