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John Sinclair - Folge 1994
Author: Ian Rolf Hill
ISBN: 3732536556
Pages: 64
Year: 2016-09-27
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Ich, John Sinclair, der Geisterjäger, der Sohn des Lichts, sollte als Exorzist aktiv werden! Ich hatte mich immer dagegen gewehrt, als solcher betrachtet zu werden, aber wenn ich ehrlich war, sah ich dieses Mal keine andere Möglichkeit. Ich war von der Weißen Macht nach Rom gerufen worden, man brauchte dringend meine Unterstützung. Und wenn mein alter Freund Father Ignatius mich um Hilfe bat, dann war die Lage verdammt ernst. Das sollte sich bald bestätigen. Denn dieser Fall hielt einige schreckliche Überraschungen für mich bereit ...
John Sinclair - Folge 2025
Author: Ian Rolf Hill
ISBN: 3732546284
Pages: 64
Year: 2017-05-02
View: 1146
Read: 966
Drei Namen. Dreimal absolutes Chaos. Drei Teufel, die gemeinsam eine Einheit bildeten. In der Hölle waren sie die uneingeschränkten Herren, standen an der Spitze der Macht und geboten über Legionen von Geistern und Dämonen. Sie ergötzten sich am Leid der gemarterten Seelen und erdachten sich immer wieder neue Methoden, um sie zu foltern und zu quälen. Auch der letzte Rest an Hoffnung und Zuversicht musste aus den Seelen weichen. Nur so konnte die Macht der Hölle gemehrt und vervielfältigt werden. Und dafür würden sie sorgen, denn sie waren die personifizierte Hoffnungslosigkeit. Die unheilige Dreifaltigkeit der Hölle. Asmodis, Beelzebub und Baphomet. Das absolut Böse. Luzifer! Und er sann auf Rache ...
The Book of Dinosaurs
Author: Tim Gardom, Angela Milner
Publisher: Carlton Books Limited
ISBN: 1842222562
Pages: 136
Year: 2001-08-01
View: 811
Read: 580
Explores the development, habits, and demise of the dinosaurs using the collection of London's Natural History Museum, and explains the latest theories concerning the reptiles.
With Over 23,000 Movies
Author: Leslie Halliwell
ISBN: 0007234708
Pages: 1368
Year: 2006
View: 364
Read: 881
This long-running guide to the film industry is now updated with John Walker's critiques of the most notable films. With over 23,000 individual film entries and full production details, this year's guide contains video cassette, laser disc and DVD availability of all the titles listed.
The Essential Monster Movie Guide
Author: Stephen Jones
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications
Pages: 448
Year: 2000
View: 964
Read: 396
This guide alphabetically lists 4000 plus horror movies and television shows, some very obscure, that featured monsters. Each entry provides a plot synopsis, identifies the cast and director, and rates the film on a five star scale. No index. Originally published by Billboard Books. c. Book News Inc.
From the New World Volume 5
Author: Yusuke Kishi, Toru Oikawa
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
ISBN: 1682332357
Pages: 180
Year: 2016-03-08
View: 636
Read: 1145
There’s a fox in the henhouse known as Kamisu 66-Acreage – a Fiend! Saki and her friends are now in a position where they cannot defend against their mass destruction. Those given their genetic composition and programming, even gods themselves run, but cannot hide.
The Book to Come
Author: Maurice Blanchot, Charlotte Mandell
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804742243
Pages: 267
Year: 2003
View: 635
Read: 276
Featuring essays originally published in La Nouvelle Revue Française, this collection clearly demonstrates why Maurice Blanchot was a key figure in exploring the relation between literature and philosophy.
Author: Assyrian and Babylonian intellectual heritage project. Annual symposium
Publisher: epubli
ISBN: 3945561000
Pages: 400
Year: 2014-08-20
View: 606
Read: 1184
A collection of articles from various disciplines on globalization
The Spiritual Quest
Author: Robert M. Torrance
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520920163
Pages: 330
Year: 1994-05-25
View: 601
Read: 750
Robert Torrance's wide-ranging, innovative study argues that the spiritual quest is rooted in our biological, psychological, linguistic, and social nature. The quest is not, as most have believed, a rare mystical experience, but a frequent expression of our most basic human impulses. Shaman and scientist, medium and poet, prophet and philosopher, all venture forth in quest of visionary truths to transform and renew the world. Yet Torrance is not trying to reduce the quest to an "archetype" or "monomyth." Instead, he presents the full diversity of the quest in the myths and religious practices of tribal peoples throughout the world, from Oceania to India, Africa, Siberia, and especially the Americas. In theorizing about the quest, Torrance draws on thinkers as diverse as Bergson and Piaget, van Gennep and Turner, Pierce and Popper, Freud, Darwin, and Chomsky. This is a book that will expand our knowledge—and awareness—of a fundamental human activity in all its fascinating complexity.
Hellboy Volume 7: The Troll Witch and Others
Author: Mike Mignola
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1621150607
Pages: 144
Year: 2007-10-02
View: 566
Read: 409
With a new Hellboy series on the stands, fans of the world's greatest paranormal detective can find older favorites collected for the first time in the seventh volume of the Hellboy Saga. Hellboy: The Troll Witch and Others collects short stories from The Dark Horse Book of the Dead, Witchcraft, Hauntings, and Monsters, the 2004 Hellboy: Wizard 1/2, as well as the critically acclaimed 2006 miniseries, Hellboy: Makoma by Mignola and comics legend Richard Corben, and a previously unpublished Hellboy story by P. Craig Russell and Mike Mignola, along with sketches and story notes. Contains new Hellboy story by Mike Mignola & P. Craig Russell!
Icons of Horror and the Supernatural
Author: S. T. Joshi
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 0313337829
Pages: 796
Year: 2007
View: 153
Read: 685
Offers entries on 24 of the significant archetypes of horror and the supernatural, from the classical epics of Homer to the novels of Stephen King.
The Thing on the Doorstep
Author: H. Lovecraft
Publisher: Litres
ISBN: 5457675130
Year: 2017-09-02
View: 650
Read: 1116
Daniel Upton, the story's narrator, begins by telling that he has killed his best friend, Edward Derby, and that he hopes his account will prove that he is not a murderer.
Left Shift
Author: John A. Walker
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 1860647650
Pages: 294
Year: 2002-06-01
View: 629
Read: 412
Compared to the 1960s, the 1970s is a neglected decade. This is a history of radical political art in Britain during the 1970s, art that sought to re-establish a social purpose. It argues that what was unique about the visual fine art of the decade was the impact of left-wing politics, women's liberation and the gay movement. Artists discussed include: Rashid Araeen, Conrad and Terry Atkinson, Joseph Beuys, Derek Boshier, Stuart Brisley, Victor Burgin, John Drugger, Gilbert and George, Margaret Harrison, Derek Jarman, John Latham, Mary Kelly, Bruce McLean, David Madalla, Jamie Reid, Jo Spence.
Histories of the Devil
Author: Jeremy Tambling
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137518324
Pages: 308
Year: 2017-02-07
View: 691
Read: 388
This book is about representations of the devil in English and European literature. Tracing the fascination in literature, philosophy, and theology with the irreducible presence of what may be called evil, or comedy, or the carnivalesque, this book surveys the parts played by the devil in the texts derived from the Faustus legend, looks at Marlowe and Shakespeare, Rabelais, Milton, Blake, Hoffmann, Baudelaire, Goethe, Dostoevsky, Bulgakov, and Mann, historically, speculatively, and from the standpoint of critical theory. It asks: Is there a single meaning to be assigned to the idea of the diabolical? What value lies in thinking diabolically? Is it still the definition of a good poet to be of the devil's party, as Blake argued?
Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse
Author: Valerie Sinason
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415105439
Pages: 320
Year: 1994
View: 845
Read: 1306
Disclosing satanist abuse often meets with disbelief and denial. Professionals, working with the problem, join together in providing essential information and practical advice for others working in this disturbing field.