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New Approaches to Resistance in Brazil and Mexico
Author: John Gledhill, Patience A. Schell
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822351870
Pages: 398
Year: 2012-03-16
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This edited collection by scholars of both history and anthropology re-examines the concepts of resistance and the effect of neoliberalism from the 1980s to the present day comparing Brazil and Mexico, two of the largest countries in Latin America.
Virgin on Her Wedding Night
Author: Lynne Graham
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426854994
Pages: 192
Year: 2010-05-01
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Already haunted by a youth of illegitimacy and poverty, Valente Lorenzatto never forgave Caroline Hales's abandonment of him at the altar. But now he's made millions and claimed his aristocratic Venetian birthright—and he's poised to get his revenge. He'll ruin Caroline's family by buying out their company and throwing them out of their mansion…unless she agrees to give him the wedding night she denied him five years ago….
The Film Book
Author: Ronald Bergan
Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
ISBN: 1405363169
Pages: 352
Year: 2011
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Lights, camera, action...... enter The Film Book, stage left Step into the world of cinema with The Film Book - the films, the directors, the genres and the styles. Profiling 100 of the world's most influential directors and 100 key cinematic works, the book will take you through the changing experience of cinema from the earliest silent movies to the modern 3D cinematic phenomenon. Covering every national school of film-making from Hollywood to Bollywood the book is a great browse bible with 'Top 10' and 'What to Watch' feature boxes. Test your knowledge with the essential trivia section - how much do you know about Oscar winners, biggest flops, banned films and more? From the birth of cinema right up until the present day, The Film Book is a cinematic masterpiece. Packaged in a metal tin just like a reel of film, The Film Book is full to bursting with interesting stats, facts and figures and is essential for any film buff.
Every Girl Does It
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Publisher: Rachel Van Dyken
ISBN: 1499753160
Pages: 199
Year: 2014-06-02
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This was the first book I ever wrote. I had no idea what I was doing; sometimes I still feel that way, like I'm this tiny little fish in a GIANT pond! When the rights reverted back to me, I decided to re-write it, thinking, how hard could it be? The answer? Very hard, haha. I would like to think my writing style has changed a lot since this book and when it came down to it, I really struggled changing a lot of the content, so yes I added a few extra chapters and changed things around a bit, but this book is still very *cringe* raw and includes the author voice of a girl working a nine to five, dreaming of bigger things. This was the first book that got published, it holds a very special place in my heart! I hope you enjoy it, as always leave a review even if you hate it and happy reading! Hugs,RVD When I was little, I was under the impression that guys rode in on white horses and rescued the fair damsel from the dragon. They'd ride off into the sunset, share true love's kiss and live happily ever after. Nobody ever told me it was a lie. Or that the only guy who would rescue you in high school was the nerd with Star Wars t-shirts and glasses thicker than an airplane window. I guess it shouldn't come as much of a shock that once I graduated high school and started "my career" the first guy to sweep me off my feet was a complete loser, followed by someone who still lived with his mother, and finally coming full circle to where I'm sitting now. At some chick's wedding while my boyfriend stands up in the middle of the ceremony and yells, "I object!" Disney did not prepare me for this. Bad gets worse when I run into the ghost of high school nerds past only to find him a smoking hot firefighter. Unfortunately, he remembers how I treated him, so now I'm the nerd and he's the sexy one. Pretty sure Karma's coming for me in a really big way, especially considering Preston refuses to leave me alone and ends up on vacation with me and my friends, friends he stole by the way, in Hawaii. He says he likes me yet annoys me at every turn, and I can't help but think he wants some sort of revenge for turning him down in front of the entire student body. One things for certain, this vacation? Not going to end well. Besides it's not like I'm going to fall for him... nope. Not... at *cough* all.
Modern Control Engineering
Author: Kp Mohandas
ISBN: 818884926X
Pages: 486
Year: 2008-01-01
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The book is divided into ten chapters with the first chapter being a very brief introduction to classical control theory. The second chapter gives the classical design techniques using Bode plots and root locus technique. Analysis of discrete time systems is presented in Chapter 3 using z-transforms. Chapter 4, 5 and 6 deal with state space modelling, solution of state equation and design of control systems using state space model with a glimpse on the design of observers, and state feed back controller. Chapter 7 and 8 deal with nonlinear systems, the former on phase plane analysis and the latter on describing function method. Even though both these methods were developed long time back, these methods are still useful to get some insight into the behaviour of nonlinear systems. Chapter 9 discusses in depth the Lyapunov's method for stability analysis of systems and Chapter 10 is a brief introduction to concepts and methods of optimal control. Several worked examples and a summary-'points to remember' have been added in each chapter. A set of multiple choice questions has been added at the end of the book which is useful for students in the preparation of objective type tests. An introduction to the MATLAB software package is given in Appendix. Contents Review of Classical Control Theory Conventional controller and classical design Discrete data control systems State space analysis of systems Time domain analysis in state space Design of state feedback controllers and observers Nonlinear systems and phase plane analysis Describing function analysis of nonlinear systems Stability of systems Introduction to optimal control Multiple choice questions.
Acting for the Camera
Author: Tony Barr
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 006223756X
Pages: 384
Year: 2012-08-21
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Culled from Tony Barr's 40 years' experience as a performer, director and acting teacher in Hollywood, this highly praised handbook provides readers with the practical knowledge they need when performing in front of the camera. This updated edition includes plenty of new exercises for honing on-camera skills; additional chapters on imagination and movement; and fresh material on character development, monologues, visual focus, playing comedy and working with directors. Inside tips on the studio system and acting guilds make it particularly helpful for people new to the business, and numerous anecdotes from actors such as Morgan Freeman and Anthony Hopkins and examples from current movies illustrate its many lessons. It is perfect for acting classes, workshops, all actors who work in front of the camera -- and all those who want to.
Bury This
Author: Andrea Portes
Publisher: Soft Skull Press
ISBN: 1619023636
Pages: 256
Year: 2013-12-31
View: 520
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If twenty-five years can discover the internet, the cell phone, this thing called the iPod, can twenty-five years discover the secret of a girl murdered, abandoned, by the side of the road? That is the haunting premise of Bury This, an impressionistic literary thriller about the murder of a young girl in small-town Michigan in 1979. Beth Krause was by all intents a good little girl – member of the church choir, beloved daughter of doting parents, friend to the downtrodden. But dig a little deeper into any small town, and conflicts and jealousies begin to appear. And somewhere is that heady mix lies the answer to what really happened to Beth Krause. Her unsolved murder becomes the stuff of town legend, and twenty-five years later the case is re-ignited when a group of film students start making a documentary on Beth’s fateful life. The town has never fully healed over the loss of Beth, and the new investigation calls into light several key characters: her father, a WWII vet; her mother, once the toast of Manhattan; her best friend, abandoned by her mother and left to fend for herself against an abusive father; and the detective, just a rookie when the case broke, haunted by his inability to bring Beth’s murderer to justice. All of these passions will collide once the identity of Beth’s murderer is revealed, proving once again that some secrets can never stay buried.
In aedibus Aldi
Author: Paul J. Angerhofer, Mary Ann Addy Maxwell, Robert L. Maxwell, Pamela Barrios, Harold B. Lee Library
Publisher: Brigham Young Univ Library
ISBN: 0842523294
Pages: 172
Year: 1995
View: 365
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On Conspiracies
Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141956593
Pages: 144
Year: 2013-10-31
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Machiavelli is one of the most famous strategists of all time. In this collection he discusses the dangers of conspiracies, and the component parts of an army, vital for gaining and holding power in his day. He also gives advice on tactics and discipline, and explains why promises made under force ought not to be kept. GREAT IDEAS. Throughout history, some books have changed the world. They have transformed the way we see ourselves - and each other. They have inspired debate, dissent, war and revolution. They have enlightened, outraged, provoked and comforted. They have enriched lives - and destroyed them. Now Penguin brings you the works of the great thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization and helped make us who we are.
Digital Literacies
Author: Nicky Hockly, Gavin Dudeney, Mark Pegrum
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317860292
Pages: 400
Year: 2014-06-03
View: 904
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Dramatic shifts in our communication landscape have made it crucial for language teaching to go beyond print literacy and encompass the digital literacies which are increasingly central to learners' personal, social, educational and professional lives. By situating these digital literacies within a clear theoretical framework, this book provides educators and students alike with not just the background for a deeper understanding of these key 21st-century skills, but also the rationale for integrating these skills into classroom practice. This is the first methodology book to address not just why but also how to teach digital literacies in the English language classroom. This book provides: A theoretical framework through which to categorise and prioritise digital literacies Practical classroom activities to help learners and teachers develop digital literacies in tandem with key language skills A thorough analysis of the pedagogical implications of developing digital literacies in teaching practice A consideration of exactly how to integrate digital literacies into the English language syllabus Suggestions for teachers on how to continue their own professional development through PLNs (Personal Learning Networks), and how to access teacher development opportunities online This book is ideal for English language teachers and learners of all age groups and levels, academics and students researching digital literacies, and anyone looking to expand their understanding of digital literacies within a teaching framework.
The Broke Diaries
Author: Angela Nissel
Publisher: Villard
ISBN: 0375506705
Pages: 224
Year: 2001-06-12
View: 474
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“People always say I’m going to look back on these days and laugh — why put it off?” When Angela Nissel found herself struggling financially while in college, instead of sulking, she decided to entertain herself by creating an online journal that chronicled her day-to-day trials and tribulations. Written with humor and intelligence, her “Broke Diary” quickly found an audience as people wrote to Angela to empathize with, console, and laugh with her about her experiences and even share their own. The Broke Diaries is the first complete compilation of her experiences, written in a voice that is funny, unique, and dead-on. On buying ramen noodles: I am sooooooo embarassed. I only have 33 cents. I (please don’t laugh) put the money on the counter and quickly attempt to dash out with my Chicken Flavored Salt Noodles. The guy calls me back! I look up instinctively, I should have run . . . Why didn’t I run???!! He tells me the noodles are 35 cents. I try to apologize sincerely. I thought the sign said 33 cents yesterday, so that’s all I brought with me. Could he wait while I ran home and get the 2 cents? I show him my student I.D. to let him know I am not a thief. He shakes his head and motions either for me to get the hell out of his store and never come back again or get the money as do come back. I don’t know. He said something like “Nyeh” and swiped his hand in my direction. I can’t translate hand motions well. The noodles: tasty!!!
Matthew 14-28
Author: Manlio Simonetti
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830897429
Year: 2014-03-19
View: 406
Read: 1232
The Gospel of Matthew stands out as a favorite biblical text among patristic commentators. The patristic commentary tradition on Matthew begins with Origen's pioneering twenty-five-volume commentary on the First Gospel in the mid-third century. In the Latin-speaking West, where commentaries did not appear until about a century later, the first commentary on Matthew was written by Hilary of Poitiers in the mid-fourth century. From that point the First Gospel became one of the texts most frequently commented on in patristic exegesis. Outstanding examples are Jerome's four-volume commentary and the valuable but anonymous and incomplete Opus imperfectum in Matthaeum. Then there are the Greek catena fragments derived from commentaries by Theodore of Heraclea, Apollinaris of Laodicea, Theodore of Mopsuestia and Cyril of Alexandria. The ancient homilies also provide ample comment, including John Chrysostom's ninety homilies and Chromatius of Aquileia's fifty-nine homilies on the Gospel of Matthew. In addition, there are various Sunday and feast-day homilies from towering figures such as Augustine and Gregory the Great, as well as other fathers. This rich abundance of patristic comment, much of it presented here in English translation for the first time by editor Manlio Simonetti, provides a bountiful and varied feast of ancient interpretation of the First Gospel.
Think Less Live More
Author: Shelley Row Pe
ISBN: 0984698965
Pages: 192
Year: 2015-02-15
View: 574
Read: 705
For a world of chronic over-thinkers, this book holds the key. In eight easy steps, discover the essential role feelings play in creating a more fulfilling life and rewarding career. With wit, stories and a bit of science, the book shares tips from an executive, engineer, and recovering over-thinker on how to live with meaning by thinking less. Built-in exercises allow you to put the tips to work immediately. Don¿t over-think it ¿ start reading now!
Waterloo 1815 (2)
Author: John Franklin
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 147280368X
Pages: 96
Year: 2015-02-20
View: 1091
Read: 692
This title represents the second instalment of the captivating study of the Waterloo campaign, one of the defining events in European history. In particular it focuses on the desperate struggle for Ligny, which saw the Prussians pushed back by the French Army after heavy fighting in what was to be Napoleon's last battlefield victory. With Wellington unable to assist his Prussian allies in time, the Prussian centre was overwhelmed as night began to fall, although the flanks were able to retreat in some semblance of order. Stunning illustrations augment the drama of the fighting in this area while considerable new research drawn from unpublished first-hand accounts provide a detailed and engaging resource for all aspects of the battle.
At Home in Renaissance Italy
Author: Marta Ajmar, Flora Dennis
Publisher: Victoria & Albert Museum
ISBN: 1851774890
Pages: 416
Year: 2010-09-01
View: 707
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"This beautifully illustrated book is the first to look at the role of the urban Italian house in the development of Renaissance art and culture. "The Renaissance Home" brings together a wide range of objects, from furniture and kitchen utensils to popular prints, jewellery and everyday dress, to reveal how the homes of the upper- and middle-classes made a crucial contribution to the flowering of the visual arts in 15th- and 16th-century Italy. Drawing on a wide array of sources including inventories, account-books, letters, treatises, and archaeological and conservation reports, it offers a completely fresh exploration of the fascinating domestic world of Renaissance Italy."