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The Girl in the Fog
Author: Donato Carrisi
Publisher: Abacus
ISBN: 0349142602
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-10-30
View: 941
Read: 593
Sunday Times Crime Book Club Pick* Mail on Sunday Thriller of the Week 'A coldly brilliant exposé of the depths of human nature' SUNDAY TIMES 'Compelling, beautifully constructed and atmospheric' DAILY MAIL Sixty-two days after the disappearance . . . A man is arrested in the small town of Avechot. His shirt is covered in blood. Could this have anything to do with a missing girl called Anna Lou? What really happened to the girl? Detective Vogel will do anything to solve the mystery surrounding Anna Lou's disappearance. When a media storm hits the quiet town, Vogel is sure that the suspect will be flushed out. Yet the clues are confusing, perhaps false, and following them may be a far cry from discovering the truth at the heart of a dark town. FOR FANS OF DONNA LEON AND MICHELE GIUTTARI, GET READY FOR THE CRIME THRILLER OF THE YEAR. 'Carrisi is an expert at misdirection . . . this is a thoroughly disconcerting, addictive thriller guaranteed to freeze your soul' METRO
L'uomo della nebbia
Author: Stefano Di Marino
ISBN: 8897125824
Year: 2017
View: 194
Read: 1047

L'uomo della nebbia
Author: Tomi Ungerer
ISBN: 883709261X
Pages: 44
Year: 2012
View: 533
Read: 1127

Il Giuramento (Un Thriller della Serie Luke Stone – Libro Secondo)
Author: Jack Mars
Publisher: Jack Mars
ISBN: 1640293604
Pages: 300
Year: 2018-02-05
View: 1130
Read: 274
IL GIURAMENTO è il secondo libro della serie bestseller di Luke Stone, che inizia con A OGNI COSTO (libro primo), da scaricare gratuitamente! Un agente biologico viene rubato da un laboratorio di biocontenimento. Utilizzato come arma, potrebbe uccidere milioni di persone, e una disperata caccia a livello nazionale segue i terroristi prima che sia troppo tardi. Luke Stone, capo di un dipartimento speciale dell’FBI e con la famiglia ancora in pericolo, ha promesso di andarsene – ma quando la nuova presidente, appena insiedatasi, lo chiama, non può voltarle le spalle. Segue una terribile devastazione, che arriva fino alla presidente, la cui stessa famiglia viene messa in pericolo. La forza della donna viene messa a dura prova mentre muove i primi passi da presidente, e riesce a sorprendere anche i suoi consiglieri più fidati. I rivali vogliono fuori dal sistema Luke, e con la sua squadra in pericolo, e lasciato ad agire solo affidandosi alle sue risorse, diventa una cosa personale. Ma Luke Stone non molla finché o lui o i terroristi non sono morti. Luke capisce presto che l’obiettivo finale dei terroristi è ancora più importante – e più terrificante – di quanto potesse immaginare. E a pochi giorni dall’apocalisse, è improbabile che riesca a fermare ciò che già si sta compiendo. Thriller politico pieno di azione, ambientazioni internazionali drammatiche, colpi di scena e suspense al cardiopalma, IL GIURAMENTO è il secondo libro della serie di Luke Stone, un’esplosiva nuova serie che vi obbligherà a girare pagina dopo pagina fino a tarda notte. Il Libro terzo della serie di Luke Stone sarà disponibile presto.
The Whisperer
Author: Donato Carrisi
Publisher: Mulholland Books
ISBN: 031620787X
Pages: 432
Year: 2012-01-05
View: 219
Read: 205
A gripping literary thriller and smash bestseller that has taken Italy, France, Germany and the UK by storm. Six severed arms are discovered, arranged in a mysterious circle and buried in a clearing in the woods. Five of them appear to belong to missing girls between the ages of eight and eighteen. The sixth is yet to be identified. Worse still, the girls' bodies, alive or dead, are nowhere to be found. Lead investigators Mila Vasquez, a celebrated profiler, and Goran Gavila, an eerily prescient criminologist, dive into the case. They're confident they've got the right suspect in their sights until they discover no link between him and any of the kidnappings except the first. The evidence in the case of the second missing child points in a vastly different direction, creating more questions than it answers. Vasquez and Gavila begin to wonder if they've been brought in to take the fall in a near-hopeless case. Is it all coincidence? Or is a copycat criminal at work? Obsessed with a case that becomes more tangled and intense as they unravel the layers of evil, Gavila and Vasquez find that their lives are increasingly in each other's hands. THE WHISPERER, as sensational a bestseller in Europe as the Stieg Larsson novels, is that rare creation: a thought-provoking, intelligent thriller that is also utterly unputdownable.
Dizionario italiano-tedesco e tedesco-italiano
Author: Domenico Antonio Filippi
Year: 1817
View: 1310
Read: 754

Liberaci dal male
Author: Lagazzi Marco e D'Amaro Armando
Publisher: Fratelli Frilli Editori
ISBN: 8875637733
Pages: 120
Year: 2012-09-10
View: 533
Read: 611
Cosa ha generato il connubio tra un criminologo consulente nei più eclatanti fatti di sangue della nostra storia recente ed un autore noir conosciuto per il suo nevrotico maresciallo Corradi? Una trama coinvolgente e ben strutturata dominata da un omicida seriale descritto con competenza fin nel suo profondo: un architetto curioso ed annoiato, insofferente nei confronti di tutti, si aggira, braccato da investigatori in affanno, in una Genova distaccata come lui. Cerca o si imbatte in casi umani spesso pietosi, che vuole capire analizzandoli fino all'estremo, con agghiacciante assenza di emotività, lasciandosi dietro sofferenza, morte e disperazione. Un romanzo pieno di suspance che, sferrando pugni nello stomaco dolorosi ma motivo di riflessione sulla violenza e le sue origini, fornisce una chiave di lettura ai crimini letti in cronaca.
The Lost Girls of Rome
Author: Donato Carrisi
Publisher: Mulholland Books
ISBN: 0316246816
Pages: 432
Year: 2013-11-19
View: 1278
Read: 1119
A grieving young widow, seeking answers to her husband's death, becomes entangled in an investigation steeped in the darkest mysteries of Rome. Sandra Vega, a forensic analyst with the Roman police department, mourns deeply for a marriage that ended too soon. A few months ago, in the dead of night, her husband, an up-and-coming journalist, plunged to his death at the top of a high-rise construction site. The police ruled it an accident. Sanda is convinced it was anything but. Launching her own inquiries, Sanda finds herself on a dangerous trail, working the same case that she is convinced led to her husband's murder. An investigation which is deeply entwined with a series of disappearances that has swept the city, and brings Sandra ever closer to a centuries-old secret society that will do anything to stay in the shadows.
The Betrothed
Author: Alessandro Manzoni
Pages: 403
Year: 1907
View: 609
Read: 597

American Gods
Author: Neil Gaiman
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0380789035
Pages: 624
Year: 2002-04-30
View: 807
Read: 987
Shadow is a man with a past. But now he wants nothing more than to live a quiet life with his wife and stay out of trouble. Until he learns that she's been killed in a terrible accident. Flying home for the funeral, as a violent storm rocks the plane, a strange man in the seat next to him introduces himself. The man calls himself Mr. Wednesday, and he knows more about Shadow than is possible. He warns Shadow that a far bigger storm is coming. And from that moment on, nothing will ever he the same...

Quarant'anni di colloqui con lui
Author: Ottavio Dinale
Pages: 345
Year: 1953
View: 374
Read: 309

The Man of the Crowd
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Publisher: Charles River Editors via PublishDrive
ISBN: 1614308845
Year: 2018-03-22
View: 1060
Read: 306
Edgar Allan Poe (19 January 18097 October 1849) was an American writer best known for stories of mystery and horror.Poe also wrote poetry, including the well known poem The Raven.Not much is known about Poes untimely death, but it cannot be debated that he has had a great influence on American literature.
The Hunter of the Dark
Author: Donato Carrisi
Publisher: Abacus
ISBN: 0349141177
Pages: 448
Year: 2016-10-06
View: 172
Read: 569
A brutal killer is on the streets of Rome. He leaves no trace. And shows no mercy. A series of gruesome murders leaves the police force in Rome reeling, with no real clues or hard evidence to follow. Assigned to the case is Sandra Vega, a brilliant forensic analyst, struggling to come to terms with the crimes and her own past. Sandra's shared history with Marcus, a member of the ancient Penitenzeri - a unique Italian team, linked to the Vatican, and trained in the detection of true evil, means that the two are brought together again in the pursuit of a malignant killer. Soon Marcus and Sandra notice the emergence of a disturbing pattern running alongside the latest killings - and every time they think they have grasped a fragment of the truth, they are led down yet another terrifying path. A sensational new literary thriller from the bestselling author of The Whisperer, this novel captures the beautiful atmosphere of Rome and explores its dark and hidden secrets.