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Messaggio per un pesciolino che ha sempre sete
Author: Anthony De Mello
Publisher: Edizioni Piemme
ISBN: 8858515463
Pages: 144
Year: 2016-06-14
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Dal maestro del Pensiero Positivo una lezione indimenticabile sul magico intreccio fra vita, destino e felicità. Per superare le avversità e realizzare i nostri veri desideri.
The Spiritual Wisdom of Anthony de Mello
Author: Anthony de Mello
Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag
ISBN: 3849619052
Pages: 144
Year: 2012
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Anthony de Mello was a Jesuit priest from India. He fuses spiritual ideas from many religions in a way that makes them accessible to readers. This book is in the form of a lecture at a retreat and it deals with the notion that we walk through life in a kind of sleep that prevents us from achieving a real connection to God and to ourselves. This book contains the following lectures: On Waking Up Will I Be Of Help To You? On The Proper Kind Of Selfishness On Wanting Happiness Are We Talking About Psychology In This Spirituality Course? Neither Is Renunciation The Solution Listen And Unlearn What's On Your Mind? Good Bad Or Lucky Our Illusion About Others Self-Observation Awareness Without Evaluating Everything The Illusion Of Rewards Finding Yourself Stripping Down To The 'I' Negative Feelings Toward Others On Dependence How Happiness Happens Fear The Root Of Violence Awareness And Contact With Reality Good Religion -The Antithesis Of Unawareness Labels Obstacles To Happiness Four Steps To Wisdom All's Right With The World Sleepwalking Change As Greed A Changed Person Arriving At Silence Losing The Rat Race Permanent Worth Desire, Not Preference Clinging To Illusion Hugging Memories Getting Concrete At A Loss For Words Cultural Conditioning Filtered Reality Detachment Addictive Love More Words Hidden Agendas Giving In Assorted Landmines The Death Of Me Insight And Understanding Not Pushing It Getting Real Assorted Images Saying Nothing About Love Losing Control Listening To Life The End Of Analysis Dead Ahead The Land Of Love
Rediscovering Life
Author: Anthony De Mello
Publisher: Image
ISBN: 030798494X
Pages: 125
Year: 2012
View: 244
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Shares a new way to look at the world and God, by being aware of the circutitous and habitual nature of thought, allowing readers to find hope and release feelings of isolation, anger, depression, and saddness.
Taking Flight
Author: Anthony De Mello
Publisher: Image
ISBN: 0307805484
Pages: 192
Year: 2012-08-01
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"Both what you run from -- and what you yearn for -- are within you." --Anthony de Mello, S.J. In the tradition of his bestselling Song of the Bird, de Mello has written these story meditations as stepping stones toward a spiritual life based on self-knowledge and understanding. This book contains over 250 stories, grouped under the themes of Prayer, Awareness, Religion, Grace, "Saints," Self, Love, and Truth. Although derived from a variety of countries and cultures, these tales share the spiritual heritage and popular humor of the entire human race. As he does so skillfully in his other books, de Mello uses the medium of the story to enable his readers to work through their problems and arrive at essential Truth. With each seemingly simple anecdote comes a lesson powerful enough to break down barriers that limit self-understanding -- which in turn fosters a better understanding of others, in all situations in life. "Even if you read the stories in this book only for the entertainment," he warns, "there is no guarantee that an occasional story will not slip through your defenses and explode when you least expect it to." Taking Flight offers a joyful, transcendental experience. De Mello pilots a spiritual journey with the skill of a true master.
One Minute Wisdom
Author: Anthony De Mello
Publisher: Image
ISBN: 030780545X
Pages: 224
Year: 2012-10-03
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Bestselling author Anthony de Mello has earned international acclaim for his profound spiritual insights and his unique approach to the inner life. In One Minute Wisdom, he points the way toward new levels of contemplation and contentment, love and harmony, wisdom and enlightenment. In more than two hundred parables and lessons about living life fully yet simply, de Mello gives examples filled with wisdom that cannot be conveyed in regular direct discourse. Rooted in the spirit of the Gospel and spanning the mystical traditions of East and West, this invigorating volume -- like all the author's previous books -- is intended to enliven our faith and free us from whatever imprisons our mind, body, and soul. One Minute Wisdom will lead from sense to sensitivity, from mood to meaning, from thought to feeling. And as de Mello writes, "Wisdom can come without the slightest effort -- in the time it takes to open your eyes." Wherever your spiritual belief may lie -- or even if you have no beliefs at all -- you will find in these pages needed and helpful direction on continuing the process of self-discovering and on finding the satisfying riches that lie deep within you.
Memoirs of an Exorcist
Author: Marco Tosatti, Gabriele Amorth
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480442895
Pages: 198
Year: 2014-09-16
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International bestselling author Father Amorth tells his stories of standing face-to-face with the devil as the chief exorcist for the Vatican for twenty-five years. Few people know that before he became a priest, Father Gabriele Amorth served in the pro-Allied Italian forces during World War II and earned a law degree. He discovered his true calling when he met exorcist Father Candido. Ever since, he has faced the devil every day, relieving thousands of believers of their suffering through religious rites and the power of prayer. Memoirs of an Exorcist recounts Amorth’s many impressive stories of healing and faith, as gathered by famed journalist Marco Tosatti.
Author: C. Collodi
Publisher: 右灰文化傳播有限公司可提供下載列印
Pages: 254
Year: 2017-04-19
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How it happened that Mastro Cherry, carpenter, found a piece of wood that wept and laughed like a child Centuries ago there lived-- "A king!" my little readers will say immediately. No, children, you are mistaken. Once upon a time there was a piece of wood. It was not an expensive piece of wood. Far from it. Just a common block of firewood, one of those thick, solid logs that are put on the fire in winter to make cold rooms cozy and warm.
Heart of the Enlightened
Author: Anthony De Mello
Publisher: Image
ISBN: 0307805492
Pages: 192
Year: 2012-10-24
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"Said the river to the seeker: 'Does one really have to fret about enlightenment? No matter which way I turn, I'm homeward bound.'" --Anthony de Mello We are like bears pacing in a cage, Anthony de Mello says. Even if the cage is removed, we keep pacing in the same timid limits. We are afraid to get out. And we think that the only way out is by endless striving and thinking. But this profound healer and spiritual master shows us another way. The Heart of the Enlightened, the sequel to the highly successful Taking Flight, contains more than two hundred of de Mello's favorite stories. Whether Buddhist tales, Hindu fables, Islamic sayings, or Christian parables, the stories de Mello has chosen are sure to seep through to the heart. They touch on relationships, human nature, service, spirituality, and enlightenment. These are stories to be read slowly and savored. They are the key to liberating us from all that would pen us in.
The Way to Love
Author: Anthony De Mello
Publisher: Image
ISBN: 0307951901
Pages: 145
Year: 2012-06
View: 338
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Offers thirty-one meditations, each preceded by a Gospel quotation, providing insight on the ultimate question of love.
Author: RabindranathTagore
Year: 1916
View: 854
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Sadhana, a Way to God
Author: Anthony De Mello
Publisher: Liguori/Triumph
ISBN: 0764801708
Pages: 151
Year: 1998-01-01
View: 635
Read: 880
Twenty years after its first publication in the English language, Sadhana: A Way to God remains an unparalleled guide to the inner life, a work that engages the whole person. Written by a world-renowned retreat master & spiritual director, its program of spiritual exercises has been practiced by hundreds of thousands the world over. Divided among the categories of Awareness, Fantasy, & Devotion, the forty-seven exercises in this book lead the participant on a journey to experiencing silence, self-awareness, & release from resentment; healing hurtful memories; seeing life in perspective; praying from one's depths; & entering the contemplative state. Blending sound psychological principles & spiritual therapy, rooted in the Gospel, & drawing on both Eastern & Western traditions, Sadhana is a unique work that has helped countless individuals - regardless of cultural or religious background - in their quest for a meaningful prayer experience, the experience of contact with God. This special hardcover edition will be welcomed by new & seasoned practitioners, as well as de Mello's loyal following, who want a durable & permanent edition of a modern classic.
The Sleeping Dictionary
Author: Sujata Massey
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476703256
Pages: 528
Year: 2013-08-20
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From an award-winning novelist, a stunning portrait of late Raj India—a sweeping saga and a love story set against a background of huge political and cultural upheaval. YOU ASK FOR MY NAME, THE REAL ONE, AND I CANNOT TELL. IT IS NOT FOR LACK OF EFFORT. In 1930, a great ocean wave blots out a Bengali village, leaving only one survivor, a young girl. As a maidservant in a British boarding school, Pom is renamed Sarah and discovers her gift for languages. Her private dreams almost die when she arrives in Kharagpur and is recruited into a secretive, decadent world. Eventually, she lands in Calcutta, renames herself Kamala, and creates a new life rich in books and friends. But although success and even love seem within reach, she remains trapped by what she is . . . and is not. As India struggles to throw off imperial rule, Kamala uses her hard-won skills—for secrecy, languages, and reading the unspoken gestures of those around her—to fight for her country’s freedom and her own happiness.
The Teachings of Don Carlos
Author: Victor Sanchez
Publisher: Bear
ISBN: 1879181231
Pages: 276
Year: 1995-05-01
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Millions of readers of Carlos Castaneda books have long enjoyed the fantastic teachings of don Juan Matus, the Yaqui shaman from northern Mexico. Now, thanks to the practical techniques based on Castaneda's writings offered here by author Victor Sanchez--the body as a field of energy, the not-doings of the personal self, stopping the internal dialogue, the magic of attention, setting up dreaming, the warrior's greatest love, and more--you can apply these teachings to your everyday life.
Author: Carlo Collodi
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0765344580
Pages: 224
Year: 2002-11-18
View: 786
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Presents the adventures of Pinocchio, a mischievous wooden puppet, who wants more than anything else to become a real boy.
A Catholic Priest Meets Sai Baba
Author: Mario Mazzoleni
ISBN: 0962983519
Pages: 285
Year: 1994
View: 317
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