Numerologia La Clave Que Revela Nuestro Potencial Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Author: Harish Johari
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1620550768
Pages: 208
Year: 1990-11-01
View: 1280
Read: 894
For the first time, a Tantric scholar and expert in the Hindu traditions of Ayurveda and astrology presents a system of numerology that combines numerical calculations, astrological data, and an analysis of body type. He illustrates the Vedic Square and the visual patterns that can be derived from it, casting a revealing light on the more esoteric interpretations of numbers and their relationship to one another. Recommendations are given regarding strong and weak periods of day or year, favorable colors and precious stones to be worn, and meditations and mantras to be practiced for health and prosperity. Explains how to determine the psychic number, name number, and destiny number; how these numbers relate to each of the nine planets, and how they apply to every aspect of life--including personality, temperament, intelligence, talents, sexuality, spirituality, finances, travel, and health.
Helping Yourself with Numerology
Author: Helyn Hitchcock
Publisher: Prentice Hall Press
ISBN: 0133867560
Pages: 238
Year: 1988-09
View: 227
Read: 897
A step-by-step guide to the fundamentals of numerology contains information for setting up a chart as well as data on the significance of numbers, names, and birthdays
The Demon-Haunted World
Author: Carl Sagan
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0307801047
Pages: 480
Year: 2011-07-06
View: 1071
Read: 386
A prescient warning of a future we now inhabit, where fake news stories and Internet conspiracy theories play to a disaffected American populace “A glorious book . . . A spirited defense of science . . . From the first page to the last, this book is a manifesto for clear thought.”—Los Angeles Times How can we make intelligent decisions about our increasingly technology-driven lives if we don’t understand the difference between the myths of pseudoscience and the testable hypotheses of science? Pulitzer Prize-winning author and distinguished astronomer Carl Sagan argues that scientific thinking is critical not only to the pursuit of truth but to the very well-being of our democratic institutions. Casting a wide net through history and culture, Sagan examines and authoritatively debunks such celebrated fallacies of the past as witchcraft, faith healing, demons, and UFOs. And yet, disturbingly, in today's so-called information age, pseudoscience is burgeoning with stories of alien abduction, channeling past lives, and communal hallucinations commanding growing attention and respect. As Sagan demonstrates with lucid eloquence, the siren song of unreason is not just a cultural wrong turn but a dangerous plunge into darkness that threatens our most basic freedoms. Praise for The Demon-Haunted World “Powerful . . . A stirring defense of informed rationality. . . Rich in surprising information and beautiful writing.”—The Washington Post Book World “Compelling.”—USA Today “A clear vision of what good science means and why it makes a difference. . . . A testimonial to the power of science and a warning of the dangers of unrestrained credulity.”—The Sciences “Passionate.”—San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle
Author: Austin Coates
Publisher: Carol Publishing Corporation
ISBN: 0821625063
Pages: 124
Year: 1991-11-01
View: 554
Read: 217
In addition to representing quantities, many people believe that numbers have deeper meanings. A noted orientalist and writer, Coates explains his system of reading people's characters and predicting their fortunes based on their names and birth dates.
Riding the Bullet
Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743204670
Pages: 66
Year: 2000-03-14
View: 324
Read: 619
From international bestseller Stephen King the first ebook ever published—a novella about a young man who hitches a ride with a driver from the other side. Riding the Bullet is “a ghost story in the grand manner” from the bestselling author of Bag of Bones, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, and The Green Mile—a short story about a young man who hitches a ride with a driver from the other side.
Broca's Brain
Author: Carl Sagan
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0307800997
Pages: 416
Year: 2011-07-06
View: 878
Read: 1259
A fascinating book on the joys of discovering how the world works, by the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Cosmos and Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. “Magnificent . . . Delightful . . . A masterpiece. A message of tremendous hope for humanity . . . While ever conscious that human folly can terminate man’s march into the future, Sagan nonetheless paints for us a mind-boggling future: intelligent robots, the discovery of extraterrestrial life and its consequences, and above all the challenge and pursuit of the mystery of the universe.”—Chicago Tribune “Go out and buy this book, because Carl Sagan is not only one of the world’s most respected scientists, he’s a great writer. . . . I can give a book no greater accolade than to say I’m planning on reading it again. And again. And again.”—The Miami Herald “The brilliant astronomer . . . is persuasive, provocative and readable.”—United Press International “Closely reasoned, impeccably researched, gently humorous, utterly devastating.”—The Washington Post
The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History (Selections)
Author: E.M. Jones
Publisher: Рипол Классик
ISBN: 5881133404
View: 1194
Read: 1152

The Power Is Within You
Author: Louise Hay
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1401928927
Pages: 256
Year: 1995-03-07
View: 1273
Read: 445
In The Power Is Within You, Louise L. Hay expands her philosophies of loving the self through learning to listen and trust the inner voice; loving the child within; letting our true feelings out; the responsibility of parenting; releasing our fears about growing older; allowing ourselves to receive prosperity; expressing our creativity; accepting change as a natural part of life; creating a world that is ecologically sound; where it's safe to love each other'; and much more. She closes the book with a chapter devoted to meditations for personal and planetary healing.
Liber Novus
Author: C. G. Jung
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393089088
Pages: 582
Year: 2012-12-17
View: 947
Read: 499
Presents the Swiss psychologist's thoughts, experiences, and everything he felt after a period of time spent seeing visions, hearing voices, and inducing hallucinations.
The Biggest Secret
Author: David Icke
Publisher: David Icke Books
ISBN: 0952614766
Pages: 517
Year: 1998-10-01
View: 901
Read: 1265
In documented detail, the author argues that the same interconnecting bloodlines have controlled the planet for thousands of years. Original.
The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire
Author: Deepak Chopra
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 1400054311
Pages: 304
Year: 2004-08
View: 1295
Read: 501
The best-selling author of How to Know God and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success explains how to access the everyday coincidences of life and how to understand and reconnect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities in order to fulfill one's deepest desires and transform one's life. Reprint. 150,000 first printing.
Wisdom of the Tarot
Author: Elisabeth Haich
Publisher: Aurora Press
ISBN: 0943358019
Pages: 174
Year: 1991-12-01
View: 1092
Read: 369
This book relates the path to higher consciousness through the colour, shape, and symbolic forms on the twenty-two Tarot cards. Detailed study and meditation of each card may release internally all that is involved with each level encountered on the journey towards the Light. These cards may be used in conjunction with the text or separately for meditation. When studied individually, a card can reveal the necessary steps that need to be taken to actualise one's potential. Tarot cards, or symbolic representations of the truth have always been used to help man relate not only with the mind, but internally, through the feelings invoked by the colours and forms. The nature of these cards is that they can produce a strong awakening of ones unconscious forces. They are like a spiritual mirror in which we can recognise and examine ourselves. We can then understand that the reasons for our fate lie within ourselves, and changes by the mere fact that we begin to react differently to everything that happens to us. These cards with the text are a valuable key to understand our present state, our past and in a deeper sense, how we create our future. Included in the book are 22 pages of five-colour tarot illustrations.
Chakra Handbook
Author: Shalila Sharamon, Bodo Baginski
Publisher: Lotus Press (WI)
ISBN: 094152485X
Pages: 200
Year: 1991-01-01
View: 604
Read: 1123
Complete practical guide to the chakras, including color, activity, sounds, background information, and techniques for opening them and utilizing their force. A longtime bestselling title in Europe, this is the definitive text in the field.
Connecting with the Arcturians 2
Author: David K. Miller
Publisher: Light Technology Publishing
ISBN: 1622337883
Pages: 288
Year: 2016-12-19
View: 726
Read: 1068
This follow-up to Connecting with the Arcturians contains the latest channeled teachings from Juliano, the Arcturians, and two Andromedan spirit guides, Heylang and Gurhan. It covers topics such as embracing galactic spirituality and planetary evolution, Arcturian thoughts from a fifth-dimensional perspective, the aura-enhancing technique known as shimmering, unity consciousness, and much more. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 13.0px Helvetica} Juliano’s teachings focus on personal and planetary healing and ascension, and this volume presents the most up-to-date information on ascension that is available, including new spiritual technologies to aid the process. Gain full understanding of the planetary healing spiritual technology known as Biorelativity, and begin working with new quantum and global healing techniques and cosmic consciousness.
Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
Author: Peter Kelder
Publisher: Anchor Books
ISBN: 038549162X
Pages: 106
Year: 1998-01-01
View: 198
Read: 1121
Presents a series of short, yoga-like exercises, developed by Tibetan monks, reputed to reverse the physical and mental effects of aging