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The Black - Der Tod aus der Tiefe
Author: Paul E. Cooley
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3958351042
Pages: 368
Year: 2015-12-14
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Gewinnertitel der Parsec Awards 2015! Inhalt: In 30.000 Fuß Meerestiefe wurde ein Ölfeld größer als Saudi-Arabien entdeckt; eine solche Menge Öl, dass Nationen bedenkenlos in den Krieg ziehen würden, um die Rechte daran zu erstreiten. Als ein Explorationsteam beginnt, ein Bohrloch nach dem anderen in den Boden zu treiben, erschüttert ein gewaltiges Grollen die Tiefe des Meeres. Etwas lebt in dem Öl und es wird zur größten Bedrohung, welche die Menschheit je gesehen hat. The Black ist ein Techno/Horror-Thriller, der die Spannung und die Action von Filmen wie Leviathan und The Thing direkt in die Hände der Leser legt. Die Erkundung der Ozeane wird nie mehr dieselbe sein. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- »Ein monsterhaft guter Thriller« [Amazon Leser]
The Black
Author: Paul E. Cooley
Publisher: Severed Press
ISBN: 1925225119
Pages: 241
Year: 2014-09-19
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Under 30,000 feet of water, the exploration rig Leaguer has discovered an oil field larger than Saudi Arabia, with oil so sweet and pure, nations would go to war for the rights to it. But as the team starts drilling exploration well after exploration well in their race to claim the sweet crude, a deep rumbling beneath the ocean floor shakes them all to their core. Something has been living in the oil and it's about to give birth to the greatest threat humanity has ever seen. "The Black" is a techno/horror-thriller that puts the horror and action of movies such as Leviathan and The Thing right into readers' hands. Ocean exploration will never be the same."
Jurassic Dead 3
Author: Rick Chesler, David Sakmyster
ISBN: 1925342786
Pages: 220
Year: 2015-12-18
View: 357
Read: 438
Three months after the fall of Washington D.C., the planet is a hellish battleground for an all-out war between prehistoric undead forces and the scattered remnants of the living. Billionaire William DeKirk, now ruling the last vestiges of civilization, is human no longer, but rather an unpredictable rogue driven by a noxious blend of primordial virus and modern day sociopath. He deliberately spreads the zombie plague across the world and deploys his dinosaur-human army to destroy survivors or coerce them into pledging allegiance to his undead flag. But the resistance movement has its own plan to hit Ctrl-Z and undo the zombie apocalypse. Alex Ramirez, Special Agent Veronica Winters and Major Casey Remington have placed their last hope to restore civilization in a zombie antidote developed at great cost in the utmost secrecy. In his darkest moment yet, Alex must confront the grim reality that the only way to defeat a monster is to become one himself.
Omega: the Last Days of the World
Author: Camille Flammarion
Pages: 287
Year: 1894
View: 1143
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Author: Tim Curran
ISBN: 1925047318
Pages: 130
Year: 2013-10-17
View: 977
Read: 274
There's something wrong on Seagull Island. When the atmospheric conditions are right, a doorway opens to a primeval world of monsters. The locals won't talk about it. They live in denial. But that's all about to change. Johnny Horowitz, a much despised member of the paparazzi, has gotten a glimpse of something from prehistory and he isn't going to stop until he gets a photo of it. With Hurricane Amelia bearing down on the island, the doorway to the prehistoric sea is about to be thrown wide and Johnny plans on being there when it opens with camera in hand, regardless of the consequences.
Year: 2007-07
View: 458
Read: 249

Südtiroler Wochenzeitung
Year: 2000-04
View: 359
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The Ritual
Author: Adam Nevill
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1429950668
Pages: 432
Year: 2012-02-14
View: 154
Read: 807
Now a Netflix Original Movie! When four old University friends set off into the Scandinavian wilderness of the Arctic Circle, they aim to briefly escape the problems of their lives and reconnect with one another. But when Luke, the only man still single and living a precarious existence, finds he has little left in common with his well-heeled friends, tensions rise. With limited experience between them, a shortcut meant to ease their hike turns into a nightmare scenario that could cost them their lives. Lost, hungry, and surrounded by forest untouched for millennia, Luke figures things couldn't possibly get any worse. But then they stumble across an old habitation. Ancient artefacts decorate the walls and there are bones scattered upon the dry floors. The residue of old rites and pagan sacrifice for something that still exists in the forest. Something responsible for the bestial presence that follows their every step. As the four friends stagger in the direction of salvation, they learn that death doesn't come easy among these ancient trees . . .
Predator X
Author: C. J. Waller
ISBN: 1925047733
Pages: 152
Year: 2014-04
View: 178
Read: 435
When deep level oil fracking uncovers a vast subterranean sea, a crack team of cavers and scientists are sent down to investigate. Upon their arrival, they disappear without a trace. A second team, including sedimentologist Dr Megan Stoker, are ordered to seek out Alpha Team and report back their findings. But Alpha team are nowhere to be found - instead, they are faced with something unexpected in the depths. Something ancient. Something huge. Something dangerous. Predator X


Year: 2006-10
View: 1068
Read: 761

Tidal Grave
Author: H. E. Goodhue
Publisher: Severed Press
ISBN: 1925225003
Pages: 152
Year: 2014-08-23
View: 1003
Read: 581
Every summer the residents of Sunset Island are besieged by an ungodly plague - tourists. Ray Weller, known to most as The Captain, pilots the ferry that brings the very thing he hates to the shores of his beloved island. Ray loathes the tourists, detests his job and nickname, but will soon discover that Sunset Island is threatened by something far worse than tourists. Something lies beneath Sunset Island. Something ancient and long forgotten. Something man should never have woken from its slumber. As a hurricane cuts Sunset Island off from the mainland, residents and tourists alike, are trapped as the sea reclaims the island. Sharks, fleeing what has risen, swarm the flooded streets. The creature, starving from its long hibernation, swims towards Sunset. Now Ray must find a way to save the island he loves and maybe even a few of the people he hates.
Parasite Deep
Author: Shane McKenzie
ISBN: 1925047644
Pages: 150
Year: 2014-03-15
View: 277
Read: 1239
Something is very wrong with the creatures of the deep. Their bodies encrusted with strange barnacles, the shells opening and closing like clicking, winking eyes. Black tentacles flail out of them, scooping the meat from their prey. The host, be it a whale or a shark or a dolphin or a tuna...or a human, become mad once infested, the only thing on their mind... tearing any living thing apart, feed the parasite. Stuck in the middle of a sea of nightmares, surrounded by massive, murderous beasts, with their insane uncle just as much of a threat, two brothers and their friends fight to survive before the hungry sea tears them apart.
Bad Games
Author: Jeff Menapace
ISBN: 0988843307
Pages: 338
Year: 2013-02-22
View: 1277
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PARTICIPATION IS NOT AN OPTION... The Lambert Family is heading to Crescent Lake, a rural cabin community in western Pennsylvania, for an idyllic weekend getaway. Some fishing, some barbecue, some games... The Fannelli brothers are heading to Crescent Lake too. Some stalking, some kidnapping, some murder, definitely some games...though not necessarily the type of games the Lamberts had in mind. But it doesn't matter. The Lamberts are going to play whether they like it or not. An intense psychological thriller, Bad Games has the dark, mind-bending chills of The Bad Seed combined with the fish-out-of-water dread and suspense of Deliverance. So let Jeff Menapace's highly anticipated suspense thriller keep you up all night as it delves into the mystery of nature versus nurture when comprehending the evil in man, along with the will and determination an innocent family must summon to fight back against horrific odds. BONUS! Includes the first chapter of the pulse-pounding sequel, Vengeful Games. *** Praise for Jeff Menapace and his award-winning short fiction: -Winner of the 2011 Red Adept Reviews Indie Award for Horror "I find the author to be ridiculously talented." -MichelleR, Red Adept Reviews "If you liked Jonathan Kellerman's Guilt, you'll love Bad Games. Read on if you dare!" "This book kept me very lonely at night. Why lonely? My wife wouldn't hang out with me until she was done. So if you liked Bad Games, you might want to check Vengeful Games out!" -Editor, "This psychological thriller will keep you totally captivated and enthralled." -Top Ten Psychological Thrillers
House of Rain
Author: Craig Childs
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0759518572
Pages: 512
Year: 2007-02-22
View: 849
Read: 1069
The greatest "unsolved mystery" of the American Southwest is the fate of the Anasazi, the native peoples who in the eleventh century converged on Chaco Canyon (in today's southwestern New Mexico) and built what has been called the Las Vegas of its day, a flourishing cultural center that attracted pilgrims from far and wide, a vital crossroads of the prehistoric world. The Anasazis' accomplishments - in agriculture, in art, in commerce, in architecture, and in engineering - were astounding, rivaling those of the Mayans in distant Central America. By the thirteenth century, however, the Anasazi were gone from Chaco. Vanished. What was it that brought about the rapid collapse of their civilization? Was it drought? pestilence? war? forced migration? mass murder or suicide? For many years conflicting theories have abounded. Craig Childs draws on the latest scholarly research, as well as on a lifetime of adventure and exploration in the most forbidding landscapes of the American Southwest, to shed new light on this compelling mystery.
The Black: Outbreak
Author: Paul E. Cooley
Publisher: Severed Press
ISBN: 1925493245
Pages: 280
Year: 2016-05-08
View: 1162
Read: 290
When a Centers for Disease Control quarantine fails at Ben Taub Hospital, a Houston SWAT Team is sent in to secure the facility. What they find is destruction and death. Trapped in the hospital, cut off from the world, a mysterious voice on the radio is all they have to guide them. They're no longer on a mission to quarantine the remaining inhabitants. Instead, they have to destroy a multiplying menace that could infect the world before the Federal Government enacts a final solution. Outbreak is a standalone, parallel story to both the 2015 Parsec Award Winning Novel The Black and The Black: Arrival. A winning mashup of action and horror, Outbreak is a suspenseful thriller that will keep you guessing at what's around the next corner.