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The Protector
Author: David Morrell
Publisher: David Morrell
ISBN: 1937760065
Year: 2011-10-28
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The secret weapon developed by the man Cavanaugh is assigned to protect is like Kryptonite to the former Delta Force officer turned security guard--it multiplies the effects of adrenaline, a hormone associated with fear, so it incapacitates instead of energizing him. A lot of people want Daniel Prescott's secret, but Cavanaugh, who's felt the drug's effects, wants his antidote. When Prescott disappears after causing the death of the Global Protective Services team charged with keeping him alive, Cavanaugh and his wife Jamie go after him in a high-speed chase that traps them between government agents and foreign operatives each racing to find the scientist first and kill him before he can use his formula on them. Despite Prescott's double-dealing, and the bloody battle in a mountain redoubt that results in the deaths of his friends and colleagues, Cavanaugh knows the only way to banish the fear that may compromise his and Jamie's own safety is to track the elusive scientist to his last refuge. In this propulsive thriller, Morrell turns the tables so often that it's hard to separate the good guys from the bad ones, but that won't keep readers addicted to violence, treachery, and high-tech weaponry from staying with it to the last surprising chapter. “Spectacular action backed by the author’s hands-on research . . . a horrifying climax . . . twists and turns . . . one of the best of the genre.”—Associated Press “Everything [Morrell} writes has a you-are-there quality, and that, coupled with his ability to propel characters through a scene, makes reading him like attending a private screening.”—Washington Post Book World “Impressive action . . . plenty of twists . . . most notable, though, is the advertised ‘tradecraft’—from clever ways to modify one’s ammo and armor to the very best method of taking out a car you’re chasing.”—Publishers Weekly “The story accelerates to warp speed, hurtles to a stunning climax. A wonderfully entertaining action adventure.”—Booklist
Author: M. R. Merrick
ISBN: 0987726218
Pages: 264
Year: 2012-04-01
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Chase Williams is a demon hunter in the Circle, or at least he was supposed to be. On his fifteenth birthday, Chase stepped up to the altar to claim his elemental power, but it never came. Elemental magic is passed down to a hunter through the bloodline, but on Chase's birthday, the bloodline stopped. Exiled without the Circle's protection, Chase has spent two years trying to survive a world riddled with half-demons and magic. When he has a run in with a frightened and seemingly innocent demon, he learns the Circle's agenda has changed: the Circle plans to unlock a portal and unleash pure-blood demons into the world. Vowing to stop them, and knowing he can't do it alone, Chase forms a reluctant alliance with Rayna - a sexy witch with an attitude and a secret. In their attempt to stop them, Chase and Rayna find themselves in the middle of the Circle's plan, leaving one of them to decide what their friendship is worth, and the other's life depending on it.
The Protector Project
Author: Jenna Lincoln
ISBN: 1942886500
Pages: 336
Year: 2015-06-23
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Teen soldier Mara de la Luz is about to find out what makes her so special that some would kidnap and kill her-and others, willingly die for her. ENDLESS CARNAGE. ENDLESS QUESTIONS. Mara is a 17-year-old soldier who's spent years fighting a war that's lasted generations. Wide-eyed children, some just turned thirteen, rarely survive their first fights despite her best efforts to train and lead them. What she thinks she wants is to uncover the root causes of the war between the Protectors and the masked Gaishan, maybe find a way to end it. But what she really wants is a future-for herself and the others-beyond the battlefield. Then she's injured in combat, and when an enemy fighter not only heals her wounds but reveals his face, she sees the promise of all she desires. This cunning teen Gaishan has answers to her questions, but first she must commit treason and travel beyond the boundaries of her world. She must brave a place where everything rests on the point of a blade: her loyalties, her friends, her heart.
Author: Anna Hackett
Publisher: Anna Hackett
ISBN: 1925539164
Year: 2017-03-10
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Fighting for love, honor, and freedom on the galaxy's lawless outer rim... Cool and driven Madeline Cochran made a successful career for herself as civilian commander of a space station orbiting Jupiter...until the day it was attacked and she was abducted by alien slavers. Her organized existence shattered, Madeline suffered during her captivity, but since her rescue by the tough gladiators of the House of Galen, she's struggling to assimilate to her new life. As she navigates the desert world of Carthago and the gladiator city of Kor Magna, she desperately misses her teenage son back on Earth and throws herself into finding another human, space marine Blaine, still kept captive by the slavers. She also finds herself working harder than ever to avoid a certain charming showman gladiator who is far too attractive and far too tempting. Gladiator Lore Uma-Xilene is a protector at heart and a sucker for a damsel in distress...although he's well aware that the hard-shelled and sad-eyed Madeline wouldn't appreciate the title. He knows what it feels like to be ripped from the family you love and have your life destroyed, and he wants to help Madeline heal. As the two of them go undercover into the dangerous world of underground gambling, Lore knows he'll need all his patience, passion, and a whole lot of stubbornness to not only keep Madeline safe but to melt the icy shell around her heart.
The Protector
Author: Keesya Hill-Jones
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1524693618
Pages: 350
Year: 2017-05-23
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Intelligent and ambitious, attorney Dominique Wallace has worked hard for her excellent trial record and happy home. Dominiques life is turned upside down after she agrees to represent a high-profile sexual abuse case against Michael Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan is a powerful businessman who has city officials on his payroll, and he will stop at nothing to get his way. Even his wife wont cross him, despite the fact she knows he is guilty. Mr. Buchanan tries to teach Dominique a lesson about loyalty. Dominiques problem escalates when she falls victim to Mr. Buchanans assaults, which trigger unexplainable panic attacks. These panic attacks cause her to question her own sanity. Somehow Dominique finds protection and an unexplainable emotional connection with a young boy named Shawn. However, Shawn has other plans for their relationship. He wants Dominique for himself. He causes severe disruption between Dominique and her family. Dominique is blind to Shawns intentions and feels torn between him and her family until Dr. Martin, Dominiques therapist, discovers who Shawn really is. Dominique isnt prepared to deal with the real Shawn and now her perfect world is shattering. Life as she knows it will never be the same.
The First Protectors
Author: Victor Godinez
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1945863366
Pages: 304
Year: 2018-11-13
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The last thing Ben Shepherd wanted was another war. But sometimes the universe won’t take no for an answer. His body and spirit mangled by a lifetime of combat, Shepherd, a retired Navy SEAL, has retreated to the desolate desert of New Mexico to heal his wounds and dodge his demons. All he wants now is peace and quiet. Both are shattered one starry night, when an alien ship crashes nearby. Out of the ship crawls the last, dying member of a conquered civilization. It’s been shot down by an extraterrestrial enemy, the vanguard of a ravenous force hunting for a new homeland. With its last gasp, the wounded alien injects Shepherd with a high-tech serum that gives him near superhuman powers. Now, with a new body but a soul as fractured as ever, Shepherd becomes the reluctant leader of the human resistance against the coming invasion. With enemies on all sides, the man who couldn’t bear the guilt of seeing one more friend die in battle now finds himself charged with protecting the entire planet.
The Protector
Author: Jean Henri Merle d'Aubigné
Pages: 281
Year: 1847
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The Protector
Author: Gennita Low
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0060591102
Pages: 384
Year: 2005-01-01
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The start of a thrilling new trilogy featuring Jazz, a Navy SEAL who must trust a mysterious agent sent to rescue him. Navy SEAL Jazz Zeringue was taken into custody after a covert mission went awry. He had no doubts he'd be rescued, but he was certainly surprised when his saviour turns out to be the mysterious and beautiful agent Vivi Verreau. It's obvious Vivi doesn't like him, doesn't trust him, but they'll have to work together if they're to escape from enemy territory alive.
Dangerous Promise
Author: Megan Hart
Publisher: Swerve
ISBN: 1250119707
Pages: 300
Year: 2018-01-02
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A female bodyguard with enhanced abilities. A billionaire playboy committed to destroying people like her. A romance they didn’t expect... Dive into the first book in the fantastic new Protector series set in the near future from New York Times bestselling author Megan Hart! Nina Bronson used to be all human -- until the experimental surgeries and internal technology that saved her life and enhanced her as a soldier also forced her to leave the army for private service. Now she and her peers are facing slow, painful deaths unless their technology is upgraded, and the one man keeping those upgrades illegal and unavailable is an obnoxious billionaire. A man too gorgeous for his own good. A man she’s supposed to guard with her life. Ewan Donahue is the public voice speaking out against the enhancement procedures of injured soldiers. But when his lobbying leads to death threats, he needs someone to protect him around the clock. He doesn’t want to rely on an enhanced soldier—Nina’s tech goes against everything he stands for. But he really doesn’t want her to be beautiful like she is. Doesn’t want her to suffer like she will. Doesn’t want to succumb to the searing desire he feels for her. As a series of attacks on his life send them to a remote cabin, their close proximity brings them together in ways they never imagined. They know they must prevent the need simmering between them, resist each other at all costs. But when tensions are high and danger is close, passion burns hottest of all...
Author: Larry Niven
Publisher: Del Rey
ISBN: 0345353129
Pages: 218
Year: 1973
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Physsthpok, a member of the Pak race of aliens, sets out to find a lost group of Breeders sent into space 2 1/2 million years ago, and encounters Brennan, a rebel smuggler of the Belt worlds
Asmaul Husna The Beautiful Names of Allah SWT English Edition
Author: Muhammad Vandestra
Publisher: Dragon Promedia
ISBN: 8829506044
Pages: 88
Year: 2018-09-08
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Asmaul Husna 99 The Beautiful Names of Allah SWT (God) In English Languange. According to a hadith, there are at least 99 names of God in Islam, known as the ʾasmāʾu llāhi l-ḥusnā (Arabic: أسماء الله الحسنى‎ Beautiful Names of God). The names are also called 99 Attributes of Allah. According to Sahih Bukhari Hadith: Abu Hurairah reported that Allah has ninety-nine Names, i.e., one hundred minus one, and whoever believes in their meanings and acts accordingly, will enter Paradise; and Allah is witr (one) and loves 'the witr' (i.e., odd numbers). — Sahih Bukhari - Vol. 8, Book 75, Hadith 419 There's another Sahih Muslim Hadith: Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "Allah has ninety-nine Names, one-hundred less one; and he who memorized them all by heart will enter Paradise." To count something means to know it by heart. — Sahih Bukhari - Vol. 9, Book 93, Hadith 489
Author: Chetan B Thakkar
Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 1643243012
Pages: 160
Year: 2018-06-07
View: 693
Read: 756
I accidentally got to know that I had a superpower when I tried to save my friend and I got to know my real identity. I’m the 10th avatar of the god, Vishnu. My name is Kalki Vishnu Yash. I was just a normal boy. I play cricket, I go to college, and I hang out with my friends. On my 18th birthday, two unknown men tried to kill me, and the mythology stories started to come true. That’s when things really started going wrong. Now I have to fight with my sword and battle monsters with my friends. Kalayus, lord of the planet Nibru, thinks that I have a Sudarshan Chakra, Krishan’s strongest weapon. Why does Kalayus want the Sudarshan Chakra? Can Kalki will find the Sudarshan Chakra before Kalayus?
Rise of Assyria (International UK English Edition)
Author: Philip Michael Jamersen
ISBN: 1446131947
Pages: 532
Year: 2010-07
View: 1017
Read: 812
A story two and a half thousand years in the making.... nineteen centuries before Columbus sailed for the New World, a thousand years before the Fall of Rome, and six hundred years before the Crucifixion of Christ, the first world empire rose up & spread across the known world.... then came a being from Creation's edge, & the slaughter began.... this fantasy novel based on a biblical story will transport you to a time when the world began to emerge from darkness and myth, when angels and demons fought an eternal war in the celestial realm, and great kings and emperors pitted their wits and armies against one another, a world of romance, intrigue, politics & deception.... [This is the larger version of this product, ideal as a gift or to treat yourself!] - Visit for more information.
Spanish Colonial Women and the Law (English Edition)
Author: Linda Tigges
Publisher: Sunstone Press
ISBN: 1632931869
Pages: 374
Year: 2017-06-08
View: 249
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Women in early 18th century Spanish Colonial New Mexico had rights and privileges under Spanish law that were not enjoyed by other women in North America until the late 19th and early 20th century. Women were considered separate entities under the law and valuable members of Spanish society. As such, they could own property, inherit in their own name, and act as court witnesses. In particular they could make accusations and denunciations to the local alcalde mayor and governor, which they frequently did. The documents in this book show that Spanish Colonial women were aware of their rights and took advantage of them to assert themselves in the struggling communities of the New Mexican frontier. In the documents, the women are shown making complaints of theft, physical and verbal abuse by their husbands or other women, and of non-payment of dowries or other inheritance. Other documents are included showing men accusing women of misrepresenting property ownership and dowry payments and of adultery and slander. Spain was a legalistic society and both women and men used the courts to settle even minor matters. Because the court proceedings were written down by a scribe and stored in the archives, many documents still exist. From these, thirty-one have been selected allowing us to hear the words of some outspoken Spanish women and the sometimes angry men, speaking their minds in court about their spouses, lovers of their spouses, children, and relatives, as well as their land, livestock and expected inheritance. The documents translated into English in this book are a small number of the existing documents held in Santa Fe at the Spanish Archives of New Mexico, at the Bancroft Library at University of California, the Archivo General de la Nacion in Mexico City, and elsewhere. A synopsis, editor’s notes, maps, and biographical notes are provided. The material can be considered a companion, in part, to Ralph Emerson Twitchell’s 1914 two volumes, The Spanish Archives of New Mexico, available in new editions from Sunstone Press. Sunstone Press has also published a Spanish/English edition both in both hardcover and softcover.
Bulletin of the International Railway Congress Association [English Edition]
Author: International Railway Congress Association
Year: 1908
View: 1295
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