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Everything's Amazing Sort of
Author: Liz Pichon
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 0763674737
Pages: 416
Year: 2015-09-08
View: 993
Read: 647
Tom is back to school, but it's not all bad. He is thinking in his coming birthday but there is a problem, Granny Mavis says she's going to cook.
Excellent Excuses
Author: Liz Pichon
ISBN: 1407173227
Year: 2017-02-02
View: 952
Read: 325

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates
Author: Liz Pichon
Publisher: Scholastic UK
ISBN: 1407139487
Pages: 256
Year: 2013-11-07
View: 779
Read: 486
Tom Gates is the master of excuses for late homework: dog attacks - spilt water - lightning... Tom's exercise book is full of his doodles and thoughts, as well as comments from his long-suffering teacher, Mr Fullerman.
Tom Gates: Genius Ideas (Mostly)
Author: Liz Pichon
Publisher: Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 1443133035
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-02
View: 841
Read: 167
The highs and lows of Tom's life are funnier than ever in this fourth wicked diary in the Roald Dahl Funny Prize-winning series! Seeing Delia without her sunglasses on is a big shock for Tom, but that's nothing compared to the surprise that Dad has in store with his new-found fitness regime! He says he's going to compete at the school Sports Day . . . can you even imagine the horrendous shame that will bring? Meanwhile, Tom, Derek, and Norman are preparing for the school talent show. Tom is desperate to become a rock star . . . but will his band Dog Zombies actually get a chance to play, or will Tom's plans be thwarted by the Measly Marcus Meldrew? This fourth book in the award-winning Tom Gates series is packed with cheeky antics and hilarious doodles. Plus: a doodle-filled glossary will help Canadian kids make sense of British terms (what IS a caramel wafer, anyway?).
Extra Special Treats ( ... Not)
Author: Liz Pichon
Publisher: Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 1443139343
Pages: 240
Year: 2015-02
View: 1073
Read: 1068
Tom Gates: overachiever? We never thought we'd see the day! Tom's latest goal is to earn a Star Pupil Badge. Marcus Mildrew has one, and Tom wants one so he can stay in the library at lunchtime and catch up on his comics. But it's not going to be easy. To earn the badge, he'll have to get his homework in on time . . . and as always, his life is full of distractions. A new girl has moved in next door. A girl who hates him and keeps pulling faces. His grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and Uncle Kevin thinks it would be a great idea to get a family portrait taken. Tom doesn't. And as usual, Delia is being very grumpy. How will Tom ever get his hands on that Star Pupil Badge?
Barry Loser: I am Still Not a Loser
Author: Jim Smith
Publisher: Egmont UK
ISBN: 1780313241
Pages: 240
Year: 2013-02-04
View: 603
Read: 1328
The second book in the brilliant Roald Dahl Funny Prize winning BARRY LOSER series. Perfect for readers aged 7-10 years old and fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and Dennis the Menace. You know when someone's horrible to you in a dream and you wake up really annoyed with them? That's what happened to me with my best friend Bunky. Barry has a new problem: Gordon Smugly - who's got the most perfect name for himself ever in the history of having a name, because he looks like a Gordon and is smug and ugly - has stolen Barry's best friend. Join Barry as he attempts to get Bunky back, organises a girly-screamvoice test and tries to avoid seeing his teacher kissing his gran. Have you got all of Jim Smith’s amazekeel books? I am not a Loser I am still not a Loser I am so over being a Loser I am sort of a Loser Barry Loser and the holiday of doom Barry Loser and the case of the crumpled carton Barry Loser’s ultimate book of keelness Barry Loser hates half term My mum is a loser My dad is a loser Future Ratboy and the attack of the killer robot grannies Future Ratboy and the invasion of the nom noms Future Ratboy and the quest for the missing thingy Barry Loser: I am Not a Loser was selected as a Tom Fletcher Book Club 2017 title. Jim Smith is the keelest kids’ book author in the whole wide world amen. He graduated from art school with first class honours (the best you can get) and went on to create the branding for a sweet little chain of coffee shops. He also designs cards and gifts under the name Waldo Pancake.
Joshua Dread
Author: Lee Bacon
Publisher: Yearling Books
ISBN: 0307929981
Pages: 272
Year: 2013-10-08
View: 566
Read: 501
Besides being bullied, Joshua faces one more obstacle in middle school, trying to hide his identity as the son of supervillains, the Dread Duo.
Yes! No (Maybe...)
Author: Liz Pichon
ISBN: 1407148796
Pages: 272
Year: 2016-02-25
View: 1296
Read: 1132
The laugh-out-loud Tom Gates is back in another brilliant instalment of Liz Pichon's bestselling illustrated series. Sometimes making up my mind isn't easy to do. Especially when my grumpy sister Delia is LOOMING over me. Mum's on a mission to TIDY UP the whole house. She says if I can't decide what to get rid of, she'll do it for me. Which would be a DISASTER! Lucky for me, The FOSSILS come to my rescue (more than once!)
Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (at some things)
Author: Liz Pichon
Publisher: Scholastic UK
ISBN: 1407139967
Pages: 272
Year: 2014-01-24
View: 972
Read: 1073
Exciting News! Mr Fullerman announces that class 5F are going on an 'Activity Break'! Which should be fun. As long as I don't get stuck in a group with anyone who snores or worse still with . . . . . . Marcus Meldrew.
A Tiny Bit Lucky
Author: Liz Pichon
Publisher: Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 1443146277
Pages: 272
Year: 2015-09
View: 793
Read: 916
What luck - more Tom Gates! Tom's dad wants to make a kite so they can go out together and get some fresh air. This would be okay with Tom if he had a dog, but that's just not going to happen. Tom's grumpy sister Delia is allergic to dogs! Tom has other things on his mind. The Rock Weekly Band Battle Audition is coming up, and Tom, Derek and Norman need some SERIOUS band practice. But Tom's not panicking because they have loads of time . . . time that passes quickly . . . time that runs out! Will Tom and his friends pull it together in time for the audition?
Help! I'm an Alien
Author: Jo Franklin
ISBN: 1909991295
Pages: 176
Year: 2016-05
View: 529
Read: 1021
Ten-year-old Daniel feels such a misfit that when his incredibly annoying elder sister tells him he's an alien, he believes her. With the help of his two friends Freddo and Gordon the Greek, Daniel tries to return to his home planet. But things don't go according to plan and suddenly Dan has to decide whether he is an alien or a human after all.
Family, Friends and Furry Creatures
Publisher: Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 1443148261
Pages: 256
Year: 2018-01-30
View: 151
Read: 1085
What's up the Gates family tree? In the next hilarious illustrated instalment of Tom Gates, Mr. Fullerman has a class assignment: a family tree! Tom's ready to learn all about the Gates family, his friends and a furry creature (or two!). But just what is that squawking sound coming from Tom's shoes?
Top of the Class (Nearly)
Author: Liz Pichon
ISBN: 1407143204
Pages: 240
Year: 2015-10-01
View: 1289
Read: 955
From the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, the Best Book for Younger Readers - Red House Children's Book Award, the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 5 - 12 year-olds and the Blue Peter Best Story Book Award 2013, comes the ninth amazing instalment of this brilliant series! TIPS FOR BEING TOP OF THE CLASS (Sadly...I did NONE of these things.) 1. Stay awake in lessons (it helps.) 2. Don't draw HILARIOUS pictures of your teachers. 3. AVOID the class bully to stay out of trouble. 4. Don't let Mum and Dad write ANYTHING in your school planner. 5. Don't let your grumpy sister Delia BOSS you around. (Technically not a school issue - but still important.) I'm TRYING to get voted onto the school council as well - but thanks to the ABOVE list it's not exactly going to plan.
Super Good Skills (Almost...)
Author: Liz Pichon
Publisher: Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 1443157295
Pages: 256
Year: 2016-12-27
View: 467
Read: 1192
Tom Gates has super good skills! Tom, Delia and the whole Gates family are going on holiday. How will Tom manage to keep himself busy on the most boring campsite ever? By doodling, of course! An exciting new story - this time with doodle your own elements!
Author: Jack Moeller, Winnie Adolph, Simone Berger, Barbara Mabee
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin College Division
ISBN: 0618710159
Pages: 256
Year: 2006-03
View: 274
Read: 565
The Workbook portion consists of writing exercises with strategies related to and organized by the Themen in the Student Text (bungen zum schriftlichen Ausdruck). The Lab Manual portion consists of comprehension exercises (bungen zum Hrverstndnis) and oral grammar exercises (Mndliche bungen) The Video Activities portion includes activities to accompany the video and a vocabulary list for each video segment